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Remember that time you and your cousin Lou got into a heated argument about which is a better film: Rocky III or Rocky IV?  Remember last year at the Fourth of July barbeque when Eric said you weren’t allowed to put mustard on your hamburger.  What about that time when you and your co-worker Sheila debated for hours about which is the better holiday: Christmas or Chanukah?

Everyone on this planet has at one time or another gotten into an argument with someone else and unless you’re on the high school debate team, very rarely is a winner officially declared.  All that is about to change. is the first website designed to end any argument once and for all. is a place where two quarrelling parties can log in, open a case and present their sides of the disagreement.  Over the course of a week, anyone on the internet can read the evidence, mull over the dispute and cast their vote.  Once time is up for the case, all the votes are tallied, and a winner is decided.  It couldn’t be any more straightforward.

Opinions.  Everyone’s got them.  What better way to express your own, then by interfering with other people’s lives and deciding whether they’re right or wrong? will tackle the most important, pressing issues of our time. McDonald’s or Burger King? Circumcising your child: good or bad?  Paris Hilton: Celebrity or Moron?  And countless others.

We came up with the idea after getting fed up watching all those judge shows plaguing network television.  Why couldn’t everyone have some say in who is wrong?  It seemed to make sense.  Instead of one solitary judge with his or her own personal shortcomings and biases deciding an argument, let everyone have the ability to cast a vote.  Power to the people. is here to stop any argument dead in its tracks and grant one party official ownership of bragging rights forever!  So if you’re in a fight with someone and want to figure out who is wrong and who is right, open a case and let millions of strangers decide.