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Me vs. her Sister
    JBroken: I can't support their dominance over her.

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March 31, 2017 04:47
Stuck in the Middle
    Kalnise: I wake up to an argument that one friend has taken way out of proportion,

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March 31, 2017 13:34
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Case #420 The Free Vs The UN Government
 VS  Nonus   JeffreyLeliel1: Obviously it is on; Cannabis consumers vs our UN Government=US Government...
Category Business
100% of People thought JeffreyLeliel1 was Wrong (2 total votes)
Views: 2040 Case Closed on November 28, 2016 19:20
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Government Bailouts!
 VS  MissRutt   MadDog: If an industry is dieing ... let it die, don't tax me for their mistakes.
Category Business
60% of People thought MadDog was Wrong (5 total votes)
Views: 956     Comments: 3 Case Closed on November 14, 2007 17:28
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Office Manager Puts Nice Maintenance Guy Down For Fun.
ForsakenNiceGuy  VS  Argue this Case
Argue this Case
  ForsakenNiceGuy: I'm a nice, honest, hardworking, considerate person but for some reason the head female office manager enjoys making me feel stupid n left out! Help!
Category Business
Views: 338 Posted to the Wall on November 25, 2014 19:48