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Child custody/drug test
    Chubbymommy03: Telling boyfriend that my kids dad is going to be having us drug tested and he doesn't care and wants to do it anyways.

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October 02, 2017 20:36
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Akku Dell Inspiron 1370 
Separat  VS  Argue this Case
Argue this Case
  Separat: Dell inspiron 1370 akku,inspiron 1370 akku,zuverlässige, hohe Leistung dell batterien für dell inspiron 1370 laptop.
Category Fashion
Views: 1220 Posted to the Wall on January 29, 2012 03:35
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BlueTooth Headset as a Fashion Accessory
 VS  Dontgothere23   Leftwing7: People should not wear a bluetooth headset when they are not talking on the phone...
Category Fashion
57% of People thought Leftwing7 was Wrong (7 total votes)
Views: 998     Rating: 5.00 Case Closed on September 13, 2007 09:15
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Flip Flops, the Worst idea for guys ever!!
 VS  Shopgirl   Shopgirl: guys look good in flip flops and should wear them!
Category Fashion
64% of People thought Exitheuxa was Wrong (33 total votes)
Views: 2406     Favorites: 1     Rating: 4.60     Comments: 5 Case Closed on October 26, 2007 05:47
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The "pregnancy dress" fashion trend is terrible!
 VS  LongarmsA   ThrowDown: The fact that maternity style clothing has succeeded as a fashion trend proves that women have no sense of reality when it comes to fashion.
Category Fashion
75% of People thought ThrowDown was Wrong (8 total votes)
Views: 1816     Rating: 5.00     Comments: 2 Case Closed on September 16, 2007 17:42
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The Chest Hair Debate
 VS  Chigurh   Chigurh: a guy should always shave off that nasty chesthair
Category Fashion
72% of People thought Epicurus was Wrong (18 total votes)
Views: 2734     Rating: 4.50     Comments: 4 Case Closed on August 28, 2007 09:27
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White Pants After Labor day... Is it still a faus pax??
DoWork  VS  Staggalaggadingdong   Staggalaggadingdong: Only football players,women,and homosexuals wear white pants.Ever.
Category Fashion
It`s a draw! (6 total votes)
Views: 1189     Rating: 4.00     Comments: 4 Case Closed on November 08, 2007 19:15
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~ Pink or Blue ~
Butterflybh  VS 
  WireRazor: Who wants to be "normal"? That's boring. Be who you want to be, express yourself however you want.
Category Fashion
60% of People thought WireRazor was Wrong (5 total votes)
Views: 865     Rating: 4.00     Comments: 2 Case Closed on November 27, 2007 05:52