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Child custody/drug test
    Chubbymommy03: Telling boyfriend that my kids dad is going to be having us drug tested and he doesn't care and wants to do it anyways.

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October 02, 2017 20:36
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Buffalo vs. Gorilla
Barenhunger  VS 
  Barenhunger: Who would win in a fight? The setting is savannah with a tree that the gorilla could climb.
Category Pets & Animals
64% of People thought Businessfuckingcasual was Wrong (11 total votes)
Views: 1375     Rating: 4.60     Comments: 3 Case Closed on August 27, 2007 11:19
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Vampireknight18  VS  Argue this Case
Argue this Case
  Vampireknight18: My puppy is barking in her crate when I go somewhere and the neighbor keeps bitching about it.
Category Pets & Animals
Views: 256 Posted to the Wall on June 08, 2016 19:50
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My dog was firsy
Cral42  VS  Argue this Case
Argue this Case
  Cral42: Poppy babysitting. Can plans change to accommodate grand kids at the expense of dog owner
Category Pets & Animals
Views: 179 Posted to the Wall on January 25, 2017 10:18
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Pets (dogs)
 VS  Dagman   Dagman: It is just a Dog!
Category Pets & Animals
60% of People thought Scarlett was Wrong (10 total votes)
Views: 2934     Favorites: 1     Comments: 2 Case Closed on November 28, 2016 19:20
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Pictures of Kittens Cats . . .Which is better
Conspiracy7  VS 
  Conspiracy7: obviously my pictures of kittens cats is better, its not even close
Category Pets & Animals
100% of People thought HelpMe was Wrong (2 total votes)
Views: 1316     Rating: 5.00 Case Closed on September 14, 2007 07:57
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The Rowdy Rhino vs. Hungry Hungry Hippo
Leftwing7  VS  Hollywood   Hollywood: The Hippo is going down.
Category Pets & Animals
It`s a draw! (2 total votes)
Views: 3840     Comments: 1 Case Closed on November 16, 2007 19:01
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Who Has the Better Dog Picture in Their Profile?
Hstencil  VS 
  Nhennies: You make me laugh! There is no reason to argue Tupper's superiority because it is so evident.
Category Pets & Animals
55% of People thought Nhennies was Wrong (11 total votes)
Views: 938     Rating: 4.60     Comments: 6 Case Closed on August 27, 2007 17:10