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The ex
BoatGuy BoatGuy: She doesn't want me to have contact with my ex. She feels iits disrespectful.

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October 29, 2017 04:36
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Playing Online
Spyderlotus  VS    Spyderlotus: Spouse overracts due to lag
Category Technology
It`s a draw! (0 total votes)
Views: 182 Case Closed on December 22, 2016 10:20
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Mac vs. PC
Epicurus  VS 
  TheWrangler: Mac is at the top of the foodchain!
Category Technology
56% of People thought TheWrangler was Wrong (9 total votes)
Views: 2137     Rating: 4.40     Comments: 5 Case Closed on August 09, 2007 11:09
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Battle with Cell Phone Company
AnneOminous  VS  Argue this Case
Argue this Case
  AnneOminous: Lied to, decieved, and then over charged by Sprint cell phone service.
Category Technology
Views: 2028     Comments: 1 Posted to the Wall on November 27, 2007 14:37
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birthday present
Amylee247  VS  Argue this Case
Argue this Case
  Amylee247: I want my present early for my 16th because its summer now and its winter at the time of my birthday
Category Technology
Views: 200 Posted to the Wall on December 30, 2016 02:51