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The Wall

Dads Wife is Vile
    Tigs88: My dads wife left a note which was quite hurtful. This note annoyed me to the point of being that angry I vomited after seeing it. I stood up

Time remaining
March 23, 2017 18:12
Me vs. her Sister
    JBroken: I can't support their dominance over her.

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March 31, 2017 04:47
Stuck in the Middle
    Kalnise: I wake up to an argument that one friend has taken way out of proportion,

Time remaining
March 31, 2017 13:34

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Edit Evidence

  1. How to edit evidence which you have already uploaded to support your case.

    a. Open the folder which contains the piece of evidence that you want to edit. In the below example the Pictures tab is open.

    b. To delete the piece of evidence click on the Scissors icon. To edit the evidence click on the “Edit” icon (the icon next to the scissors).

  1. c. Edit the evidence and click the “Save” button.