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Alwaysalone   644 days 17 hours 27 min. ago

Always i used to believe that my life is awesome and I am the lucky in every matters. I got a set of good friends till end of School. They were really good people to hangout with me. I went to join a better High School, most of them joined the same. We were in touch till my graduation, but this was my first loss of friends.

Same thing happened with 3 High School Friends. not in touch with anyone of them.

Graduation gave me another 3 friends. Those years ...... :) But Graduation ended all of us are in different city and the frequency of talks is going down.

Now after 1 year of Post Graduation, my PG friends were thinking me as a clown or some stupid fellow in their group. they call me for dinner, party but if it comes to some serious work, I am being ignored like anything. No one contacted me during summers, as I didn't started the chat. No friends in life, no partner to share my emotions. Only support is my daily talk with my family. This is me... Just wanna share and expect some answers

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