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User Name: tellmethetruth
Gender: female
Date of Birth: 01/01/1980
City / State: Denver CO
Country: United States
Member since: May 17, 2015 19:26
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tellmethetruth   1014 days 12 hours 23 min. ago
Regarding this Trifling B**** Suzette Sanchez
I am a friend of the Davis family and I recently found out about something that Suzette Sanchez done that I found to be very upsetting, disturbing, disrespectful, and ignorant, to be a grown older woman, she acted in a very immature manner.
On January 16, 2015 Larue Thomas had her funeral at Taylor Funeral at 15057 E. Colfax Avenue Unit H Aurora, CO 80011. Unfortunately, the female owner of the funeral services suggested that Suzette Sanchez should read Ms. Thomas’s Obituary. Huge mistake on her part because she was there and seen that there was some tension and arguing between Ms. Thomas’s children and Suzette Sanchez, a live in girlfriend who is with one of Ms. Thomas son’s Tyrone Davis. Ms. Thomas didn’t even like Suzette that much, at all, she always felt she was jealous of her and her son’s relationship, and pulled him away from her, Suzette was always telling everybody Tyrone was a Mama’s boy.
I was at the funeral when Suzette read the Obituary and this low life scum bag, that you can see the millions of grey roots in her hair had the nerve too purposely and deliberately, with malicious intent leave out only the names of her 2 daughters that were left to cherish her memory on her Obituary, Rochelle and Ivette.
The worst part about it was that she was not even woman enough to own it; she lied and said she did it because she was nervous. That is a lie!! she also left out her last name that was on the Obituary when she read it probably because she was ashamed that she had been with Ms. Thomas’s son for 14+ years and she is not even worthy of him marrying her. I see why he hasn’t, and shouldn’t because if he pisses her off, she would probably go to court for alimony, and take him for everything he has that she could get.
Knowing her she will probably try to force him to marry her now, just to try and make herself look better, not even considering or caring about how he feels. She calls herself a Christian but she is more like the Devil in my book. Only a person who is ignorant and an idiot would disrespect a woman who just pasted and her children by reading her Obituary and leaving out her loved one’s names on purpose, she had no remorse and didn’t even apologize to both the daughters she did it to, but claimed it was not done on purpose.
On top if it all she has the nerve to still invite the children of my friend to her events when they want nothing to do with her after the way she disrespected their Grandmother and Mother at the funeral. What a cocky, arrogant, pompous fool Suzette is. Does she have no level of disgust she will not stoop lower then? I am sure even though many people know she did what she did on purpose, she will still try to lie her way out of what she did and not be woman enough to own up to her wrongdoing . Knowing her she will try to continue to cover up her cruel and evil intentions towards the daughters she wasn’t speaking to at the time, but I know, God knows, and there are others that know she read the rest of the Obituary perfectly, except for leaving out the daughters names and her last name specifically, because she was being the cruel, fake, honoree, and vindictive B**** she really is, and ashamed of her girlfriend status, and not the perfect, up righteous, good, and moral Christian she tries to portray herself to be.
What do you think of a person like Suzette Sanchez who did intentionally leave a woman who has just passed away daughters names out of the reading her Obituary, at her funeral, and never apologize for it, isn’t that terribly cruel and disrespectful to Ms. Thomas and her children?

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