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The ex
BoatGuy BoatGuy: She doesn't want me to have contact with my ex. She feels iits disrespectful.

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October 29, 2017 04:36
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Best friend
Felicityxx  VS  Argue this Case
Argue this Case
  Felicityxx: my best friend and i lately have a lot of tension. I've been there through all of her panic attacks, but she wasn't for mine.
Category Friendship
Views: 524 Posted to the Wall on April 02, 2015 08:15
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Case number 205
Superwoman1152  VS  Argue this Case
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  Superwoman1152: Its between me and my mom
Category Miscellaneous
Views: 402 Posted to the Wall on March 13, 2016 16:44
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I take advantage of my surroundings?
Aeronaut12  VS  Argue this Case
Argue this Case
  Aeronaut12: After a very stressed week of exams, my father decides to lash at me saying i never help with anything after I say I'm tired while doing his work.
Category Relationship
Views: 1195 Posted to the Wall on June 05, 2013 20:00