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Do students have to offer to pay?
Argue this Case Letta: do I have to offer to pay for dinner? Is there a special exception for students?

Posted to the Wall on
September 26, 2017 16:42
Closed Case
Whos hot and whos not
TheWrangler: Jen is hottt and can be more than my "Friend" anyday of the week!

Case Closed on
September 01, 2007 14:57
Closed Case
Amy Polumbo pics
Leftwing7 Leftwing7: The Amy Polumbo pics are disgraceful and the judges should have taken away her crown as a result of these Amy Polumbo pics

Case Closed on
September 15, 2007 07:30
Closed Case
When to turn the radio volume down
Rrich1983: It common courtesy to turn the radio down before someone in the car picks up the phone.

Case Closed on
October 01, 2007 07:52
Closed Case
Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week

Letta Hollywood: I think it is a good thing. It brings important issues into the spot light and if nothing else gets people thinking about both sides of the argument

Case Closed on
December 13, 2007 15:58
The Wall

Child custody/drug test
    Chubbymommy03: Telling boyfriend that my kids dad is going to be having us drug tested and he doesn't care and wants to do it anyways.

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October 02, 2017 20:36
HelpMe`s Argument
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Naturally after a usual fight my girlfriend decided to go out for a night on the town with some of her friends. I guess letting strange guys hit on you all night somehow makes you feel better or something like that. it gets to be like 12:00 and I am sleeping when all of a sudden my girlfriend starts calling me none stop. So I finally pick up and I get the "I miss you babe...Come and get me." Now if she was down the block chances are I would have went, but we are talking about a 35 minute drive there (one way). So I said No and told her to take the train. But the desperation calls kept coming and she starting saying how mean I was and how much I didn't care about her. There have to be limits.

Letta`s Argument
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As the 'girlfriend' I would like to respond to this slightly untrue version of the story.

It was 1030pm when I called NOT 12am. It was also a weekend (why is he at home?). He says it was 12am because it took an hour and a half on the phone arguing about whether he was going to pick me up or not. When I asked him to pick me up at 1030pm, I thought maybe he would want to have a drink and hang out before we head back to his house.

But regardless, its a weekend, hes not doing anything(I could understand if he was busy), Im his girlfriend, Im drunk and I want to stay the night with him. Do I really need to beg?

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Case was closed on August 30, 2007 14:56
Tags: sleep, drunk, night on the town
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Henrygerken   3681 days 17 hours 14 min. ago
It's not just 35 minutes ... it's 70 minutes plus wait time! But, let her walk, maybe next time she won't be such a bitch and know that you won't be at her beck and call, SAP! All you are is a way out of a situation that she didn't want to be in in the first place and she wouldn't have been if she would have been a little decent to you.
Underdog   3683 days 9 hours 15 min. ago
It all depends on how strongly you feel about your girlfriend, say it wasn't really strong, you would probably not go out of your way for her, but if it was strong, you'd be hopping your lazy ass out of bed to go pick her up. I know in the past even after me and my girlfriend got into fights, when she needed me I was there for her. Sure it might be a quiet ride home but I was still there for her.
DTMaximus   3683 days 11 hours 54 min. ago
35 minutes is NOT a long time if you live in a city. If you think driving 35 minutes is a long way to go, then move to the country and marry your second cousin. His other option would be for his hot, drunk girlfriend to get a ride from some other hot, drunk guy and head over to HIS place instead.
conspiracy7   3696 days 6 hours 52 min. ago
Letta, the body looks nice, but i would have to see a picture of the face before I could say whether it was worth the drive. 35 minutes is a long time

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