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Alice`s Argument

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I contend that the proper pronunciation of "robot" is RO-BOT but a certain someone always insists on using RO-BIT instead.

I agree that RO-BIT is funny but ONLY when used very, very sparingly, and it is never the PROPER pronunciation. When used all the time it becomes obnoxious and loses any chance at being funny.

RO-BOT should be used in every day speech as it is the correct pronunciation!

Clearly those who can pronounce the word correctly are the most informed about the upcoming robot invasion. How can you fight the future when you can't even use the English language properly?

JoshuaBS`s Argument
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The Rowbit pronounciation more clearly states your fear of the upcoming Robot uprising, where as Row-Bot pronunciation shows you are ignorant of the dangers of modern robotics.

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Case was closed on August 27, 2007 08:01
Tags: robots, pronunciation
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BybeeMatt   2076 days 11 hours 46 min. ago
Abbot, ballot, bigot, carrot, harlot... there are a lot of words in the english language that end in ot but commonly get an "it" pronunciation. I think "row-bit" is probably a legit secondary pronunciation, and may have been more common in the past, as evidenced by this old episode of the twilight zone
DTMaximus   3830 days 16 hours 57 min. ago
Interestingly enough, you're BOTH wrong... according to the dictionary, the pronunciation is ROW-BUT. (The upside down "e" is pronounced like the "u" in BUT... look up "but" in the dictionary.)

BTW... I still have no idea what the pronunciation of the word has to do wtih the dangers of modern robotics... a rose is a rose, people!
lester   3847 days 12 hours 7 min. ago
While as an American southerner I say "rowbot", I agree with hstencil that the original pronunciation is probably closer to "rowbit".'s ( got an audio file that should clear this up if you have a membership there. They say "roh-buht"
hstencil   3848 days 17 hours 13 min. ago
neither of you are czech, so i think this should be thrown out!
Joshua   3848 days 17 hours 15 min. ago
Obviously row-BOT.

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