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getting over an ex

MadDog MadDog: Get over it. You will not be friends and the end is the END. Move on.

Case Closed on
December 25, 2007 05:25
Closed Case
Britney Spears Set Up
Spoiledab: Britney was set up by the media and by her ex Kevin to fail.

Case Closed on
October 24, 2007 12:07
Closed Case
The King of all Media
Cierrablue: I think Howard Stern is fabulous.

Case Closed on
November 26, 2007 13:19
Closed Case
MadDog: Ever seen Jerry Springer? Should these people be allowed to breed?

Case Closed on
November 15, 2007 15:35
Closed Case
Government Bailouts!

MissRutt MissRutt: Its quite fair for you to say that the goverment only bails out the 'mega companies' and not the smaller ones.And in a way u are both wrong and right

Case Closed on
November 14, 2007 17:28
The Wall

MadDog`s Argument

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$8 million for spilling your coffee on your lap ARE YOU F@*k%n kidding me. Look I'm all for big companies being held responsible for their actions (ENRON, DOW Chemical, the list goes on) but really, who pays in the end. Frivolous law suits are becoming a way of life in this country, slip and fall specialist, ambulance chasers, divorce attorneys, ALL WORTHLESS LOW LIFES. Oh that's right they aspire to be politicians, kind of makes sense now. The government needs to introduce legislation doing three things. First, limit the amount that an attorney can charge for a frivolous lawsuit, typically walking away with 70-80% of the winnings is robery. Second, limit the amount that can be sued for each incident. In New Zealand if you go Bungy jumping they say to you " you will die doing this, the maximum that your family can sue for is $100,000 and since you have willingly signed up to do this, they won't even get that!" Reasonable to me! Third, if the suing attorney looses ... they have to pay ALL COURT FEES including the defense fees. I am tired of seeing time wasted in the U.S. legal system because these asses see dollar signs every time some IDIOT slips on a grape!

Pattiepicc`s Argument
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Put the shoe on the other foot Some are not as Frivolous
as you think! Yea some people are just looking for an excuse to sue they make a living that way
Take my "frivolous" law suite I was in a custody fight
for my children the father had already been told by 2 different Judges not only could he NOT have custody of the children he could not even have visitation with them unless it was in a supervised room. His family called family services and made claims I was sexually abusing my children... I was arrested and spent 18 days in jail while
doctors and therapist questioned my 4, 6 and 7 year old
for days on end finally when the police looked in to the case they found no wrong doing I was released and my
children were returned with in 20 min!
Did I sue hell yes I sued the family and won not only damages from the family the jury also found that
the county owed me $2,000 for each and every day I spent in jail
Now days the only way to get someone to admit they are WRONG, change the way they do business or change there policy's is to hit them where it hurts and
in this day and age it is in the wallet!

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Category Politics
Case was closed on October 20, 2007 23:47
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cierrablue   3776 days 3 hours 48 min. ago
I agree with MadDog that frivolous lawsuits are a burden on the court and to society. But who's to decide what's frivolous and what's not? A judge. When you minimize any legal argument to a cocktail punchline it's all frivolous. If you read the transcripts and knew the long, drawn out facts of these cases, they all have merit. The famous Starbuck's case, for scalding coffee, was not frivolous. The soundbite everyone heard made it sound that way. A judge hears the merits of each case before it's tried and if it truly seems frivolous to the judge, then it's thrown out right there. Being an armchair litigator or judge is worse than being an armchair quarterback.
Mario1   3782 days 21 min. ago
Its not the lawyers fault is our societies fault for not helping to provide trainning for those who need jobs and skills for work and to provide work everyone goes after the quick fix because they are hurting I schooled for and worked at a trade for 17 years they made it a licenced trade and I lost my profession then the christians gave it to a housewife who never went to school or spent a day on a construction site wish Id thought of pulling an insurance scam the lawyers are just doing what they know how. we are at fault for not helping to shape our societies values and for being a self gratifying have it now way of life
Thinks4herself   3783 days 9 min. ago
First of all he said frivolous, not serious. If you have a legitimate lawsuit by all means go for it. But I agree that the lawsuit for hot coffee is wrong, this person was stupid for putting it between their legs. Fat people trying to sue fast food places because they are fat, WRONG! People be responsible for yourselves, quit blaming everyone else for your ignorance. Too many lawyers take on these frivolous lawsuits, there should be laws and lawyers that go for big bucks on dumb stuff should be banned from practice. Lawyers that take 70% to 80% from their clients should be locked up for robbery!!

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