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Statute of limitation on a mistake?
Argue this Case Hollywood: If you say or do something dumb and your significant other gets upset about it he/she can only use that against you for 1 week at the most.

Posted to the Wall on
January 20, 2018 00:02
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Halloween: a child's holiday or for Adults also
WireRazor WireRazor: Children's event cause who else is will be there to hand out the candy?

Case Closed on
November 28, 2007 14:42
Closed Case
Beer or Chocolate?
Conspiracy7: You just cant have both. I prefer my calories in beer form

Case Closed on
October 20, 2007 16:04
Closed Case
Names and their meanings
Chigurh Conspiracy7: Names and their meanings . . . there is none, its just a name and their is no meaning

Case Closed on
September 15, 2007 06:08
Closed Case
Marc Ecko and the Fate of the HR title ball
Conspiracy7 Conspiracy7: put an asterick on it and send it to the hall of fame!

Case Closed on
October 06, 2007 18:13
The Wall

Mom vs. Me
Fuckthisshit THEscrewup: Past issues sworn to be forgotten. Now they are suddenly being remembered.

Time remaining
February 04, 2018 16:05
    Wifey210: I want my husband to take a job that pays less money to be on the same shift as me while both of us going to school.

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February 05, 2018 18:56
Conspiracy7`s Argument

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I know its bad to stereo type based on pictures, but come on...look at that face. But seriously, the evidence is overwhelming. Circumstantial evidence is questionable but when there is this much of it, it has to mean something.

1) She went to Wellesley College. Enough said.

2)Statement from her "best friend" in College"We spent a lot of time together. We trusted one another. We had a very similar sense of humor."

3) Statement from her bodyguards who witnessed her making out with Women in her limo.

4) Bill cheated on her multiple times. Well if he wasn't getting any at home because his wife was a lesbian can you really blame?

5)Took Bill back after he cheated on her multiple times...hmmm maybe because she never has sex with him anyway because he give a s*** about him but just using him to advance her political career

Hollywood`s Argument
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I dont even think Conspiracy7's argument diserves a response because it is so poor but just to set the record straight lets look at actual facts.

Her friend at Wesleyan clearly denied anything more than a platonic friendship with Hillary. Her quote sums it up the best "Women who are accomplished, whose ambitions, behavior, accomplishments make some people uncomfortable with their own, can really expect their sexuality questioned or slurred, denigrated." So true. Seems like people are just trying to find any way to attack Hillary and bring her down in any way possible.

Plus, lets not forget that she has been married for a long time and has a daughter.
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Category Politics
Case was closed on November 10, 2007 08:59
Tags: Hillary Clinton, Lesbian
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Henrygerken   3724 days 20 hours 24 min. ago
Here is the link
Henrygerken   3724 days 20 hours 27 min. ago
GO TO YOU TUBE and search Peer Paul. VERY interesting stuff about both clintons!!!
huffman   3727 days 9 hours 7 min. ago
How would any of us know for sure unless we have been with her!!!!!! Further more I have enough going on in my life to worry about her sexual likes or dislikes!!!!!!!!! She is not hurting me what ever the case may be.Must be a boring life to have to worry about such things.
kdawg12336   3735 days 13 hours 11 min. ago
your all wrong...shes bisexual.
leftwing7   3736 days 12 hours 16 min. ago
nice argumen hollywood, your quote makes your point have a strong base....i dont think hillary is a lesbian, i do belive she both sucks and blows though
Nemez   3738 days 16 hours 12 min. ago
hiliry= hugest dyke, carpet muncher, mega lesbian to ever exist

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