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Getting mad about not going out after the fact
Marcella: Your girlfriend sounds like an immature twit who can't make decisions on her own... You need to grow a pair and tell her that she needs to grow up.

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December 12, 2007 21:45
Closed Case
Women's Rules - equality?
REALLYMAD: If a man speaks in the woods, and there are no women to hear him, is he still wrong?

Case Closed on
December 12, 2007 22:19
Closed Case
Ex and the Art Show
Marcella: Trust is the most important part of a relationship. If you can't trust him alone with his ex, you shouldn't think about marrying this guy!!!

Case Closed on
December 12, 2007 22:06
Closed Case
Sister Vs. Sister
Twinangelsmom: I agrred to take care of my niece and my sister agreed to pay me. It's been 5 months and I haven't seen a cent was I wrong to say something about it?

Case Closed on
December 12, 2007 21:36
Closed Case
time spent?
Heatherpfaff: i wanted him to spend time with me, i addressed this issue. he called me a child because i got upset. than he took of for 2 days.

Case Closed on
December 12, 2007 21:55
The Wall

Mom vs. Me
Fuckthisshit THEscrewup: Past issues sworn to be forgotten. Now they are suddenly being remembered.

Time remaining
February 04, 2018 16:05
    Wifey210: I want my husband to take a job that pays less money to be on the same shift as me while both of us going to school.

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February 05, 2018 18:56
Theodis`s Argument
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The aim of the drug dealer, the pornographer, the homosexual, the lesbian, the bisexual, the wives’ swapper, the voyeur, the exhibitionist, the necrophilia, the telephone scatologia, the biastophile, the transvestite, the pimp, the vincilognia, the transgender, the sadomasochist, the pedophile, the coprophiliac, and the Renfield’s syndrome is apparent to any thinking person, as they, and the other’s animate beings, continues to organize and prey, OPENLY, in the heterosexual community, with impunity.

There is a fundamental difference that exists between the straight society and the people who abandon it, and form fawning obedience to a tiny clique of sexual dementateers. An example, the heterosexual provides for the natural pairing with their counterpart for reproduction purposes, and it is this Claim & Contribution that makes their community unique. Case in point: The Supreme Being made four POSITIVE relationships for the male & female to indulge in. The four ‘personal relationships’ are called: Platonic loves, sweetheart, friendships and husband and wives. These four CULTURAL TWOSOMES, has a known ranking, in every community in the world. In each one of these twosomes the couples learn ‘by trail & error’ on how to function as US, and not I. That’s why, three of these CULTURAL TWOSOMES, began as study, or dress rehearsals for twelve-year-olds, on how to function, in the future, as husband and wife. It is, also - at this time period, that the teenagers learn, AGAIN - by trail & error, that each one of these CULTURAL TWOSOMES, produces a different, recognizable, feeling description. The end result, is that, with getting older, practice, positive teaching and MOTIVATION, they are able to connect the dots, to each CULTURAL TWOSOMES, as they change into grownups.

Marriage is the epitome of male & female relationship, or the highest working order of US. All straight relationships are made up of four stages: such as, the observation, the beginning, the middle, and the advanced stage. In addition! If you never taken a Platonic love, a sweetheart, or a friendship to the advanced stage, you do not get a well-rounded education about that kind of personal relationship

Go to: Http:// for added information. There is one file folder on this page. The file named is Theodis, and inside of that file folder are seventeen files, [heterophile] that are ready to be open and study.

The formula that will protect the next generation, and promote the best interest of heterosexuals’ are new words, and new illustrations/ideas. History has proven that this is the only way, to stop the predators from preying on the in

Marcella`s Argument

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Have you ever noticed that people who are vigilantes about homosexuality are usually repressing their own sexuality? I feel so sorry for you Theodis. Not because you are wrestling with your own sexual identity, but because you can't find a positive outlet for your sexual confusion.

I recommend that you rent some John Waters films and chill out. There's room in this world for people of all shapes, sizes, and sexualities.

The fact that people who are openly different than you exist will only help the next generation (that you are so worried about) become tolerant , open-minded, and ultimately better human beings.

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Case was closed on December 12, 2007 22:36
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