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no aniverary card from my love
Atex409: it was our 3rd year of being together (i gave a card) he did not. should i be upset

Case Closed on
October 23, 2007 10:06
Closed Case
Bullying Irak

Spoiledab Spoiledab: People are dying

Case Closed on
November 07, 2007 12:51
Closed Case
Police Brutality
Nemez Spoiledab: The police feel like they can do whatever they want to whomever they want.

Case Closed on
November 13, 2007 12:45
Closed Case
Britney Spears Set Up
Pattiepicc: Shes a BAD MOTHER

Case Closed on
October 24, 2007 12:07
The Wall

Lottiedottie`s Argument
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10 years ago I met a man where I was working. we started dating and continued doing so for 4 years. I had a midlife crisis and foolishly broke up with him because I wanted a commitment. about 2 years later I realized what a mistake I had made and tried getting him back. he had in the meantime returned to his wife. He said he still loved me and was going to leave her and get a divorce. I have been waiting almost 5 years. I have not dated or been with anyone. I am beginning to see now that this is never going to happen. I now feel I have wasted 5 years of my life. I want to be angry but still have guilt because I am the one who broke up with him 5 years ago. I did so because he would not commit to me. He and his wife had been seperated at the time we met for 6 years but never divorced. he and I never lived together. I am confused if I am wrong or he is guilty at this point. Do I have a right to be angry?

Spoiledab`s Argument

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Why are you feeling guilty? You broke up with him because he would not commit. He's never gonna give you a commitment- He didn't honor his commitment to his own wife. As far as you wasting those you years you can only be mad at yourself. You should never put your life on hold for anyone. Life is too short and you could die today or tommorrow. God forbid you did pass away he would still be with his wife or some other person waiting for him to commit. Move on with your life already. You say you had a mid life crisis so you aren't a spring chicken. Time to do whats best for you. At the very least you should have been seeing other people while you were waiting for him - I bet all the money in the world he was and probably still is seeing other woman. Good Luck.

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Category Friendship
Case was closed on November 07, 2007 12:45
Tags: broken heart
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Dagman   3783 days 16 hours 36 min. ago
Lottiedottie, why don't you let him post his side so we can hear both sides of the argument.

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