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Hanging up on someone and then turning your phone off? not cool
Mringerike Mringerike: He isnt hanging up the phone because he was raised wrong. He just doesnt really care and respect you.

Case Closed on
November 10, 2007 14:52
Closed Case
Bullying Irak

Spoiledab Mringerike: Rebuild what you destroy, clean up before you leave. Pulling out troops is acting like nothing happened.

Case Closed on
November 07, 2007 12:51
Closed Case
Boyfriend didn't cheat, but is it really ok?
Ferice Ferice: Boyfriend did cheat, and is it not really ok?

Case Closed on
June 30, 2011 16:46
The Wall

Bernice`s Argument
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I don't feel that my boyfriend should be talking to his ex girlfriend he was with for four years. They broke up a mere months before we got together. I've caught him asking her if she thinks they'll get back together and once he said he loves her. I think he should just eliminate her from his life all together.

Mringerike`s Argument
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Fact. A man who still loves his ex, can never be happy with another girl. Ever. Sounds to me like the only wall between those two is you. Be honest to yourself, and dont let them fool you around. The fact that he has a girlfriend makes him a forbidden fantasy, something like forbidden fruit... You notice this situation and try being better than her, by being understanding about things you dont really understand... and by putting up with things you know you shouldnt accept. Like him saying that he loves her. Hes not over her. But he would never admit that to you. So let him free and let him be happy even if its not with you. At least youll feel relieved. trust me.

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Case was closed on November 06, 2007 17:45
Tags: ex girlfriend
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djgump35   3693 days 5 hours 47 min. ago
I can't go one way or the other. I agree that if he is with you, that he shouldn't be talking to her, but at the same time I agree with what Mringerike is saying that given what he is telling you, he is with you because there is a reason he can't be with her.

If he doesn't need to get rid of her from his life, he needs to get rid of you, one or the other, if he chooses her, you really had nothing to lose anyway, except maybe time.
Nemez   3693 days 15 hours 35 min. ago
YOU're WRONG Mringerike

Hollywood   3695 days 9 hours 20 min. ago
He definitely shouldn't be talking to her. But I think the real question is whether you should be talking to him
kaytiemarie   3696 days 9 hours 33 min. ago
Hrmm. We need to know more details.
Dagman   3716 days 17 hours 6 min. ago
I am with you Bernice. Get your boyfriend to post his side of the case so we can see what he says.

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