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Can you scare a chicken/turkey to death?
Hollywood: Chickens/turkeys have small hearts and if you scare them you can stop their hearts and kill them.

Case Closed on
December 02, 2007 22:05
Closed Case
"Why I feel you should be a blessing to others?"

Jrnyfn Mygods4u: I feel you should be a blessing to others because there is always someone much worse off than you.

Case Closed on
December 15, 2007 08:52
Closed Case
BestTestorone Filled Commercial
MudBugs MudBugs: Under Armour's Klit Klat commercial has more intensity and is more action packed. Gets me pumped every time.

Case Closed on
December 10, 2007 18:35
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The New York Times has no business backing any Candidate
Argue this Case MudBugs: A supposedly Unbiased newspaper should not state a preference for any candidate.

Posted to the Wall on
February 20, 2018 16:24
Pending Case
Purpose of the loan as evidence of loan amount and terms?
Argue this Case MudBugs: You must consider the reason for the loan and the context of the conversation. Here It is clear that I meant $200 to gamble and $100 if we loose.

Posted to the Wall on
February 20, 2018 16:24
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Jrnyfn`s Argument

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My mother is an elderly woman who neds care and my sister and my other two brother One of my brothers lives far away in another state about two hours away.and has a job My sister lives right next door to my mother and she also has a job, My other brother doesn't drive and also lives an hour away plus has a job. As for me, I don't work, I am married and have a child and have to clean night and day to keep my home clean brecause my family seem to mess it up right after I clean it up. I also attend an online school to become a tearcher's aide. Unfortunately my mother beeds help going to the doctors and to go to go places that she would like to go, My argument is that my sister and brothers do nothing for her and all that shen needs to have done is put on me

MudBugs`s Argument
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you should be happy your mother is around still. From your description it doesn't sound like she has that many needs. Only taking her to the doctor and other places that she wants to go to go. I know plenty of people who do much more for their parents than you seem to be doing.

Plus it seems like all your siblings are either living far away or busy working. Maybe they should help pay for any costs you are incurring but in terms of the actual time spent, it seems like you are the most capable individual.

When your mother isn't around anymore than you will wish you could have run these small errands with her.

Also what are you doing with all your time? Cleaning the house. If this is some kind of obsessive compulsive thing then maybe you should be more concerned with getting rid of that problem. A house that a family actually lives in will get dirty. Period. No point trying to constantly keep it clean. Get over it.
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Case was closed on December 02, 2007 21:49
Tags: Family, problems, argument
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Jrnyfn   3738 days 13 hours 35 min. ago
Ok I here what you are saying Here is the 411. My mother didn't just give birth to me. There are three of us . I am not an only child here. My mother may have given birth to me , but she has given birth to three others as well. My sister works at a school and the days that she has off she could help my mother out if I am not available . If I get ill, and my mother needs to go food shopping, then she will not get to the store until I am better. So how selfish can that be? I have to be dying and they would still expect me to help her. I know that I have to help my mother but you have to realize at what expense, my health. If somethinng happens to me, then my son is without a mother. Another thing for your 411, if I leave my child in dirthy diapers, they would come and take my son away from me for abuse. and neglect.
Well here is the story about the mess. My husband leaves cups , bills , whatever all on the floor of our bedroom. Toothpaste is in the sink and food left out . When I get home, I clean it so that my home is not bug ridden. If you think that I should leave food all over and attend to my aging mother , who also has three other children, you have to be crazy. Then after I clean my house within 24 hours it back the same way
I am getting calls from her because she needs to get her hair done, doctor appointments. I drive her every Friday and she call me to help out with the littlest things . I also have a sister, and two nieces that live next door to her. My poor mother has to put out her own garbage , because nobody will do it . If I am not there , my mother will do it . So I feel as though I am an only here . My mother bought the house near my sister so that she could help out . My siblings might work, but not for my mother.,
massnomore   3775 days 23 hours 48 min. ago
i agree with corgipup, be glad your mom is still alive.

and again, tell us, how 3 people mess up a house to be cleaned day & night? makes no sense here.
corgipup   3777 days 9 hours 27 min. ago
Listen, sister--

Be glad your mother is alive!!

The hell with your siblings. One day you will be glad that you helped your mother. And if you're lucky, your child will take care of you when you are your mother's age..

Just think--when your mother goes to heaven, you will have no regrets about her. Your siblings--if they are human--will because they have neglected her.

Another thing: how can one child and a husband mess up a house so it has to be cleaned up "day and night"?

What is your priority: your aging mother, who gave you birth and changed your dirty diapers, or a clean house!!!!????

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