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man who killed 7 people in Wi

Nemez LilMama: The jealous officer went crazy and shot his ex-girlfriend and friends and former officer

Case Closed on
December 17, 2007 13:50
Closed Case
Police Brutality
Nemez Nemez: YOURE RONG

Case Closed on
November 13, 2007 12:45
Closed Case
Northern Italy Vs. Southern Italy
Nemez: Southside NIkka

Case Closed on
October 27, 2007 11:34
Closed Case
Jigsaw - is he good or evil?
Nemez WireRazor: I think Jigsaw is a good guy. He was teaching people to not take their life for granted.

Case Closed on
November 18, 2007 12:49
Closed Case
Kicked Out Runaway

Nemez Nemez: stfu

Case Closed on
December 02, 2007 09:23
The Wall

Mom vs. Me
    Wifey210: I want my husband to take a job that pays less money to be on the same shift as me while both of us going to school.

Time remaining
February 05, 2018 18:56
BigCfromtheGroupHome`s Argument
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Their accents, their asses, tits, beauty and whole way of life. Their food, the way they take care of their men, their fiery attitude in the bedroom. This isnt even an argument. Its a factual statement. Latinas are by far the hottest women in the world. With numerous latin countries to choose from it is virtually a cornucopia of flesh where even the pickiest of men can find a latina he likes. Wether you are into slim or voluptuous women, dark skinned or light skinned, short or tall they are there for the taking. You can keep all your other ethnicities. Give me a Latina anyday of the week. White girls with their annoying whining voices, ending every sentence with an "A" (Oh my God-A...Leave me alone-A) They make my teeth itch. Black girls with their caked on makeup turning your pillow into a modern version of the Shroud of Turin. Oh wow she has a great hair do huh? Too bad its not her hair. And dont even get me started on Asians. Can you please some how get some curves?! I am grateful and forever indebted to the beautiful women of the latin community. And if you dont agree, good! More for me!

Nemez`s Argument

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u racist, if i was to send my sister to you right now you'll tap that

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Views: 11269
100% of People thought Nemez was Wrong (2 total votes)
Category Miscellaneous
Case was closed on December 02, 2007 09:28
Tags: Women
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heretoargue97   341 days 23 hours 27 min. ago
I won't argue with that point, latina's are the sexiest on AVERAGE; by that I mean statistically definitely more people would find latina's be the most attractive, but black women really are beutifue, before you make judgments, have you ever been to east and north Africa, I'm from Sudan, more than half the women have long curly hair,my mother's hair goes down to her waist, also go to Ethiopia, I would argue that they would definitely compete with latina's. I have never been to west Africa but I'm sure there are beautiful women everywhere ...that's my two cents on the matter, Ultimately though the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, different people have different tastes', I for example love dark skinned girls, but that's not all I look for in a girl, what matters to me most is overall how attractive I find a girl, not her race, As should everyone.
Tamayo   1655 days 13 hours 27 min. ago
My parents and my whole family is Colombian but I'm "American", it's not only that latinas speak spanish, it's actually a fact. Of course there are beautiful women in other races. I am latina. But it's true. People normally say latinas or hispanics are mexicans. Almost all americans think that, I find it offensive. Not all latinos are f***ing mexicans so get your facts straight. You should go to other places before commenting, just because most latinos that go to the US to live are mexicans doesn't mean all of us look like mexicans. People that consider hispanics a race really need help because hispanic is anyone that has an actual hispanic decendency, you know SPAIN... Other from the looks that are generally good in latinas, Latin is the base of many languages, including, portuguese, spanish, italian, french, and romanian. That is the actual reason why it is called Latin American or Latino America. Not ALL of Latin America is confined to spanish, it's the reason why Brazilians are considered latinos too, their language is based on latin. So please before stating that the only thing we know and have is spanish learn a little more about us, we can do the same things americans do spoiledab. Oh and P.S: Try to speak spanish well. There are very few americans that can actually pronounce the "rr" in spanish and that can get the grammar right. English is an extremely easy language to learn so stop saying sh*t like we can't learn, we can learn an even harder language like it's nothing. I've never seen a 100% american speak spanish as well as we can speak english. How ignorant of you ;)
Nemez   3706 days 19 hours 20 min. ago
i beat 5$ ill win xD
letta   3709 days 17 hours 4 min. ago
Latinas are the most beautiful women in the world. It is fact. hahaha maybe I think that because my fam is from Colombia.
spoiledab   3712 days 23 hours 28 min. ago
Maybe coming from the group home they are the best and if you read my comment you will see that you misunderstood what I said. I said that black woman don't have to be fake to be sexy and all of us dont have weaves. My family is full of beautiful woman with long natural hair and nothing fake about them. We come in all shades as well and aren't from Africa. And just a little education all black woman aren't from Africa. Maybe u should get away from that group home mentality and visit Africa yourself.
BigCfromtheGroupHome   3718 days 14 hours 51 min. ago
Dont vote for him just to "not let the racist win" I am not a racist, I am a fact observer, and the facts are simple, Latinas are the sexiest women in the world!
Nemez   3718 days 19 hours 12 min. ago
Nemez   3718 days 19 hours 13 min. ago
no she isnt latina, shes azn
BigCfromtheGroupHome   3720 days 19 hours 15 min. ago
Ok well send her over to NYC and Ill let you know, quick question though...she doesnt happen to be a sexy latina? Does she? If she is, then YOU ARE RIGHT!
And as for you women dont have to be fake to prove they are the sexiest women in the world? Two words for you "weave glue" Dont get me wrong, there are many beautiful black women out there, but to say they are the most beautiful is a bit of a bold statement. And I know the whole theory of how Spanish people came from Africa and yada yada yada, but the years of cultural molding from their new lands has formed them into the sexual powerhouses that they are today. Do me a favor, go to Africa and find the sexiest woman you can find, she wont be able to hold a candle to the sexiest average woman I will find in Puerto Rico.
spoiledab   3730 days 16 hours 14 min. ago
Im not gonna waste my time arguing with someone so ingnorant but just in case u didn't know all black woman dont wear make up or have fake hair. The most beautiful woman in the world are black and dont have to be fake or try to prove it. I think latinas are beautiful as well but just so u know it all started with the black woman - u can't get any better. and by the way latinas are black woman too they just speak spanish. Get it straight.
staggalaggadingdong   3738 days 17 hours 45 min. ago
How can anyone even argue with that??

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