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Best friend had sex with your other best friend's boyfriend
Hollywood: If you have information that one of your best friend's had sex with your other best friends boyfriend I don't think you should tell.

Case Closed on
November 16, 2007 20:39
Closed Case
The Rowdy Rhino vs. Hungry Hungry Hippo
Hollywood Hollywood: The Hippo is going down.

Case Closed on
November 16, 2007 19:01
Closed Case
Will the Yankees make the 2007 playoffs?

MadDog Dontgothere23: Every baseball fan has an oppion about the yankees... is this the year they dont make the playoffs??

Case Closed on
December 14, 2007 08:21
Closed Case
getting over an ex

MadDog Letta: just asking a general question to everyone... any advice on how to get over my ex?

Case Closed on
December 25, 2007 05:25
Closed Case
Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week

Letta Hollywood: I think it is a good thing. It brings important issues into the spot light and if nothing else gets people thinking about both sides of the argument

Case Closed on
December 13, 2007 15:58
The Wall

Hollywood`s Argument
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I had to make a trip to the town next to where my ex-boyfriend lives (he lives about 50 minutes from me) but since we haven't really been talking that much I wasn't really sure if I should see him or not. So when he asked me if I wanted to come over after I finished the errand I had to do I said that I didn't know. So my ex-boyfriend picks me up at the train station and takes me to run the errand. then afterwards instead of saying, "so do you want to come over and hang out" he asked me"what are you going to do." For me this was a clear indication that he no longer wanted to hang out with me but he says that he was merely reaffirming his previous question of whether I wanted to hang out with him. Seems like if he really wanted me to hang out he would have just clearly asked me. Then when I responded "I guess just take me to the train," he did just that and didn't even mention anything about hanging out. Talk about insensitivity.

MadDog`s Argument

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Listen you said it your self ... ex ... all he was doing was trying to be nice hoping that you would say that you had other things to do. You were non committal when he first asked you so why should he push the point. He helped you with the errand as a polite gesture and since you had not mentioned hanging out after, why should he! All you wanted him to do was beg for the pleasure of your company ... get over yourself.

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Case was closed on November 26, 2007 13:11
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