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Hanging up on someone and then turning your phone off? not cool
Mringerike Hollywood: Come on, are we 5 years old? is so immature to hang up on someone and then turn your phone off.

Case Closed on
November 10, 2007 14:52
Closed Case
Jumping to Racial Conclusions

Sportychick Sportychick: Yes it does, because it belittles you by saying you can't do it.

Case Closed on
January 27, 2008 18:51
Pending Case
Statute of limitation on a mistake?
Argue this Case Hollywood: If you say or do something dumb and your significant other gets upset about it he/she can only use that against you for 1 week at the most.

Posted to the Wall on
June 26, 2017 20:58
Closed Case
Professional Athletes Steriod testosterone
Leftwing7: its cheating, its bad for those who look up to these stars... no steriods!!!

Case Closed on
November 16, 2007 20:30
Closed Case
In the Wrong

Hollywood Hollywood: there is nothing wrong with drinking out of a milk carton

Case Closed on
December 15, 2007 10:00
The Wall

Relationship Difficulties
    ImPissed: I want to have sex with my boyfriend, but he's Catholic and is against sex before marriage. I'm a virgin and I want to share my first time with him.

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July 07, 2017 23:07
Hollywood`s Argument
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After I hadn't seen my boyfriend in a few weeks the first thing he says to me is "You look like crap." You would think at least an "I missed you and Love you" would have come before the criticism.

Even if I didn't look my best, after four years he could have at least not said anything.

WorkingOnIt`s Argument
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You have every right to be upset or get offended....shit I would! I agree with you, he should of at least said some type of endearing words before saying something like that. And if he does say something like that, let it be in a joking manner..."if you have nothing nice to say don't say it at all". Like really? That's the first thing that came to mind when he saw you? How about "Omg, I haven't seen her in so long, can't wait just to hug and kiss her...smell her hair"....ETC- something along those lines lol.
So NO I feel it's NEVER appropriate to say those specific words to your significant's plain MEAN!

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Case was closed on January 24, 2012 00:05
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