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Closed Case
In the Wrong

Hollywood Hollywood: there is nothing wrong with drinking out of a milk carton

Case Closed on
December 15, 2007 10:00
Closed Case
The Core vs. Ghost Rider: Worst Movie Ever?

Chigurh Chigurh: 1. ghost rider rocks...2. the core=no score!

Case Closed on
August 09, 2007 03:18
Closed Case
You look like crap
WorkingOnIt Hollywood: It is rarely, if ever, appropriate to tell your significant other that they look like crap

Case Closed on
January 24, 2012 00:05
Closed Case
Halloween: a child's holiday or for Adults also
WireRazor WireRazor: Children's event cause who else is will be there to hand out the candy?

Case Closed on
November 28, 2007 14:42
Closed Case
Getting upset about small stupid things
HelpMe: The comment, "you know you have polyester in your closet," should not lead to a huge fight.

Case Closed on
November 15, 2007 15:38
The Wall

Me vs. her Sister
    JBroken: I can't support their dominance over her.

Time remaining
March 31, 2017 04:47
Stuck in the Middle
    Kalnise: I wake up to an argument that one friend has taken way out of proportion,

Time remaining
March 31, 2017 13:34
Hollywood`s Argument
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I know it may sound terrible that you wouldn't tell your best friend that you know someone has slept with her boyfriend while she was going out with him but in this situation I think it is acceptable. Here are the reasons why. 1) I don't want to ruin the friendship that the two of them have with each other or make things awkward between the three of our friendships (i know you may say that obviously they don't have a friendship if she is fooling around with her best friends boyfriend but.....) 2) everyone makes mistakes and in this case the girl has been severely distraught over the whole situation and is truly remorseful. This is not someone that is a bad person, she just was too drunk one night and made a mistake. 3) It is not like she is having a relationship with the guy, just a one night stand. 4)What good can come from telling? Nothing. 5) If I disclose the information then I loose a friends trust.

Chigurh`s Argument

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You are a bad friend if you don't what happened. Obviously this says something about the relationship and the people involved. Bringing all the factors to light is the only way that you approach things before they blow in everyones face. It is actually a way of exerting some control over a bad situation. Eventually the friend will find out and you will lose their friendship. You either need to tell your friend or get the other person to confess the cheating before you have to!

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Category Relationship
Case was closed on November 16, 2007 20:39
Tags: friend cheating boyfriend
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anggie   3422 days 1 hour 4 min. ago
as u said, whats the good in telling?
I agree for not telling him..
Nemez   3428 days 18 hours 57 min. ago
since Chigurh looks like a totaly d-bag and i couldn't really make out what he said in the beginning, I voted that Hollywood was wrong xD

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