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The New York Times has no business backing any Candidate
Argue this Case MudBugs: A supposedly Unbiased newspaper should not state a preference for any candidate.

Posted to the Wall on
February 19, 2018 11:00
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Is my girlfriend is cheating on me?
Argue this Case MudBugs: Yes. She goes out till 4:30 then gets a text message from her ex boyfriend the next day. Case closed.

Posted to the Wall on
February 19, 2018 11:00
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Being Used

MudBugs MudBugs: Cry me a river....this is your mother, you should do whatever it takes, even if your siblings are short changing you

Case Closed on
December 02, 2007 21:49
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Getting mad about not going out after the fact
Marcella: Your girlfriend sounds like an immature twit who can't make decisions on her own... You need to grow a pair and tell her that she needs to grow up.

Case Closed on
December 12, 2007 21:45
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BestTestorone Filled Commercial
MudBugs Hollywood: The Nike, "leave nothing" commercial can make even the most feminine of girls want to lift weights or trample somebody.

Case Closed on
December 10, 2007 18:35
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LawGirl`s Argument
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I went out to dinner with this guy a few months ago - he seemed relatively nice, smart, decent job in the end of the date, it obviously came time to pay when the check came. I have been on a ton of dates just like this one in my lifetime, and ALWAYS offered to pay, or split the check (Although, Im not sure what I would do if they actually agreed!) - However, this was the first time I didnt offer. I dont know why I didnt - I guess I just thought it was understood. About a week later, he told me that he had to be honest with me because something was really bothering him. He told me that he was really offended by the fact that I didnt offer to pay. But, then openly admitted that he was planning on paying anyways! I felt like an idiot. I told him that I do always offer to pay, and because I didnt even know why I didnt, I couldnt explain myself. I then informed him that he made a mistake because now, he has offended me. Was getting that off your chest really worth upseting me?!?! He was planning on paying anyways! It seemed that by telling me the only result could be that I would be offended or hurt. Was I wrong to not want anything to do with him after that?

MudBugs`s Argument

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It's the 21st century. Women have fought hard for the equality that you now enjoy. With great power, comes great responsibility. Time for women to start splitting the checks, fighting in wars and doing all those other great things that men have been doing for years.

Plus while the generality of the argument above may not apply in every relationship (ie Guy making lots money and chooses to date a struggling artist who has no money), it seems like LawGirl is certainly in a situation where she can pay her own way. And it doesn't seem like her date was making such a huge amount of money that he wouldn't feel it in his wallet after taking a girl out to an expensive restaurant. If he felt like being a gentlemen (in the traditional 1950s senses) and wanted to buy you dinner then my hat goes off to him and he should be applauded for it. But the day is long gone where it is assumed that the guy is always going to pay. (next thing to go is holding doors)

If you went on a date with one of your girlfriends would you expect her to pay for your meal? I don't think so.

In a completely unrelated issue, your date had every right to tell you how he felt and speak his mind. One of the most important things in a relationship is communication. If he felt upset about the situation then it is much healthier for the relationship (if there is even one in this case) for him to tell you exactly that. If you can't handle how he felt or want to have an conversation about it then maybe he is not the right guy for you anyway. I don't think he was trying to make you feel bad but just get something off his chest because he may have formed an impression of the type of person you were and wanted to see if he was jumping to conclusion.

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Case was closed on December 11, 2007 21:29
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CorrectAnswer   3724 days 17 hours 39 min. ago
On a date, especially the first date the man is supposed to pay. You cannot compare going out with a guy to having dinner with your girlfriends so that argument is totally irrelevant here. You are being courted by a man, not so with your girlfriends.

It doesn't matter if you make more money than he does either. It's his job to impress you and show you that he's a capable provider. Paying for dates is one of the most basic ways to do that. It's also your job to pace the relationship and prove that you are worth pursuing. Women's lib/feminism cannot change the hardwired biological impulses of men and women no matter what anyone would like to think.

In the future I would suggest you never make the gesture again unless you're trying to send the message that you're not interested. If you're expecting a man to pay, it's dishonest to reach into your purse anyway. The best thing you can do when you like a guy is let him pay, sincerely thank him and make sure he knows you enjoyed yourself. Going dutch is for platonic friendship.

If a man has a problem with paying for dates, he's not interested enough. Again, he is courting you. Don't forget it.
tofujitsu   3730 days 22 hours 18 min. ago
Guys just want a reach. That is all. Half-a-reach and then maybe a "I'll pay" "No, I'll pay" back-and-forth would be better. But a reach would suffice.
letta   3738 days 23 hours 57 min. ago
Besides not offering to pay for that one dinner, if the guy cannot see that you arent a gold digger than you should end it with him. Its clear when a girl is and not offering to pay doesnt mean that you are. So just by hanging out with you or talking to you , he should of known that youre not that type of girl. So he shouldnt of said anything. End it, youre hot and can find plenty of guys that wont judge you.

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