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Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week

Letta Letta: you are an ignorant racist and I hope one day you could experience being hated for being a certain religion or race.

Case Closed on
December 13, 2007 15:58
Closed Case
getting over an ex

MadDog MadDog: Get over it. You will not be friends and the end is the END. Move on.

Case Closed on
December 25, 2007 05:25
Closed Case
Is a boyfriend a chauffer?
Letta HelpMe: Don't call me for a ride late at night after partying with your friends. There are limits to a boyfriends responsibility.

Case Closed on
August 30, 2007 14:56
Closed Case
Now do I have to beg?
Letta: Hes a goddamn idoit

Case Closed on
October 13, 2007 08:43
Closed Case
Whos hot and whos not
Letta: Why is hotter Angelina Jolie(before the anorexia) or Jennifer Aniston?

Case Closed on
September 01, 2007 14:57
The Wall

Boyfriends parents
    Snowfox: Trying to tell me I need to leave

Time remaining
August 23, 2017 08:49
Letta`s Argument
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Im a law student and so I dont have any income. I live on a budget with an allowance my mother gives me. that being said, when a guy asks me on date, a dinner date, do I have to offer to pay? For some reason, the guys that usually ask me out are in finance or banking and so they make lots of money. I dont seek out guys like this. I actually prefer a more humble and down to earth guy but those artist/intellectual kind of guys never ask me out. Anyway, back to my question. So this one guy that happens to be filthy rich takes me to some NBA game. Then during the game he says do you want to get something to eat. I was like, sure. So we get up and he says hes going to the bathroom and to get him a hotdog and beer. Ok so Im not cheap or anything but the hotdog, beer, my pretzel and glass of wine was over $25. I know its not much to ask considering he paid for the tix which were the best seats Ive ever sat in. So in this basketball situation I do think I should of paid but what about next week when we go to dinner? Am I supposed to offer to pay? Up to this point hes paid for everything (Red Sox tix and NBA tix) but we havent done a real dinner. So its almost like its my turn. I have absolutely no money so if I offer to pay and he says yes, I really wouldnt be able to. So is there an exception for a student who goes on a date with really rich guy who knows they are a student? Do I have to offer to pay? I hate dating.

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dhashky47   1679 days 23 hours 23 min. ago
I am a guy student, and I too have no money. Having said that... in the situation you described, you should have paid. You don't need to offer in the future as it is traditionally the guy's duty to pay. However if you truly have zero money to the point where you cant dish out money for one night out, perhaps you should forestall dating. Even if he has way more money than you.....the point is...what if he didn't? you'd be in the same situation and wouldn't be able to contribute at all. You're basically hinging on this guy being rich...which is a bit wack. So either....straight up tell this guy "I have no money and will not be able to pay for anything ever"....or.....dont date until you have $25 to spend.

I always pay on dates and I am broke. But if the girl had no money and simply expected me to pay every time... that would be wack
letta   3551 days 15 hours 28 min. ago
Nemez, that was weak opposing argument. What does my booty have anything to do with it?
LawGirl   3553 days 6 hours 45 min. ago
I agree with you!! I think it is kind of rude when they know that you are a student...especially law school, its so damn expensive!! And the fact that a few dollars is nothing to him and means a whole lot more to you is just inconsiderate. Besides, in your scenerio, he invited you.....his idea - he buys the beer.
My ex-boyfriend said something to me that will forever stand out in my mind- makes perfect sense really- It was something along the lines of "Im not an idiot...I put in a few thousand now and get a million in return"
haha... consider yourself a fanstastic investment :)

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