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Are immigration laws fair?
Argue this Case Henrygerken: A member of the E.U. should be able to come to the U.S. and retire with a proper visa.

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January 19, 2018 23:58
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Don't be rude to Indians
Sneharocks: A lot of Americans are really mean to Indians because thery think they are bad by the way they are not they are reall nice.

Case Closed on
November 27, 2007 09:03
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Does the Stupid Blonde Stereotype Hold True?
Leftwing7: I say it is true, blondes are stupid...

Case Closed on
September 23, 2007 08:10
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Can you stand on an escalator? NO F'IN WAY!!!
Exitheuxa: i am so sick of people standing on escalators. news flash: it's not a ride turd burgler!

Case Closed on
September 23, 2007 07:23
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Jimbo: You should not really need to wash your hands after you go to the bathroom

Case Closed on
September 03, 2007 14:49
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Mom vs. Me
    Wifey210: I want my husband to take a job that pays less money to be on the same shift as me while both of us going to school.

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February 05, 2018 18:56
Onejanedoe2003`s Argument
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The birth of Jesus has a set date of December 25th, in order for Christians to celebrate his immaculate birth. Others, namely merchants, has unlawfully bullied their sales into it; thus making it a very stressful and money-making market. Santa Claus, their diverting icon, has enabled people to sidestep, what Christmas is really all about.

Henrygerken`s Argument

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I have always looked to Christmas as the best time of year. I agree that Christmas has been used by very effective marketing agencys to corrupt the original meaning of the holiday. But lets really look at this for a minute. The Bible provides no guidelines that explain how Christmas should be observed, nor does it even suggest that it should be considered a religious holiday. Historians are unsure exactly when Christians first began celebrating the Nativity of Christ. However, most scholars believe that Christmas originated in the 4th century as a Christian substitute for pagan celebrations of the winter solstice. Before the introduction of Christmas, each year beginning on December 17 Romans honored Saturn, the ancient god of agriculture, in a festival called Saturnalia. This festival lasted for seven days and included the winter solstice, which usually occurred around December 25 on the ancient Julian calendar. During Saturnalia the Romans feasted, postponed all business and warfare, exchanged gifts, and temporarily freed their slaves. Many Romans also celebrated the lengthening of daylight following the winter solstice by participating in rituals to glorify Mithra, the ancient Persian god of light. These and other winter festivities continued through January 1, the festival of Kalends, when Romans marked the day of the new moon and the first day of the month and year.
So now lets think about this. Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas on January 7 while Armenian Christians celebrate on January 6. So who was the best salesmen, the Roman Catholics. They have the largest following so they set the date. This was done to SELL the Catholic religion to the Pagans of the time. There are MANY important dates throughout the Christian calander that can be traced back to the dates that Pagans held important.
I will go to church to celebrate the observed birth of Christ, but I suggest to you that Easter is the holiday that you should place more importance on. Most importantly, don't forget that it is Jimmy Buffetts B-

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Case was closed on December 21, 2007 13:14
Tags: Santa Claus, Jesus, merchants, New Years, diverting icon
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