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AnneOminous`s Argument
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A very well known cell phone company (I'm not going to hold back- Sprint) has reported me to a credit agency. I'll wait 7 years to have this removed from my report before I'd ever pay them the $2000 they are asking!
To begin with, I was told when purchasing the two cell phones that if I wanted to cancel my 2 year agreement, there would be a fee of $200. Not per phone (I asked) but total, to cancel the plan. Next lie I was told by this dishonest salesperson is that there is no deductible on a new phone, if needed, as long as I have insurance.
Well, the problem began when my husband's phone fell in the water while fishing and shorted out. Not only was the phone ruined, but for some strange reason it was calling everybody in the address book. I witnessed this first hand, with the battery sitting on the dahboard (hoping it would not be ruined) outside of his phone.. and my phone rang... with his number on the caller id. Repeatedly. This should not have been a problem, because I had insurance.
Except that I found out it would cost $50 to get a new phone. This was no problem, though slightly irritating because I had been misled. However, when finding out that the damage was internal, we were told to mail the phone in and wait about 6 weeks to see if it could be fixed. (Had the phone been, say, ran over by a car or something physical we would have gotten a new phone right there and then.)
The biggest problem was my next bill. It was 5 times more than it should have been... all overage charges from these calls that my husband's shortet out phone was making.
After calling customer service everyday for 2 weeks, and not getting any help, I decided to end my service with this company. They continue to bill me for these overage charges, they kept my service on for 2 months after I told them to end it (because I didn't stay on the line to confirm my request to end service) and a $600 termination fee on top of it all has led to a bill of over $2000 which I REFUSE to pay!

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dontgothere23   3654 days 15 hours 31 min. ago
wat exactly is the opposing side on this "argument"?

ur the winner, i declare u the winner and i dont have the authority to do so but idc, so yea

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