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Statute of limitation on a mistake?
Argue this Case Hollywood: If you say or do something dumb and your significant other gets upset about it he/she can only use that against you for 1 week at the most.

Posted to the Wall on
January 16, 2018 15:47
Closed Case
What factors determine "when you're from"?

Hollywood Xanderin05: Ok, so me and German are arguing over what factors play a part in deciding "where you're from."

Case Closed on
November 15, 2007 19:12
Closed Case
Best friend had sex with your other best friend's boyfriend
Chigurh: you are a bad friend if you don't tell

Case Closed on
November 16, 2007 20:39
Closed Case
The Rowdy Rhino vs. Hungry Hungry Hippo
Hollywood Hollywood: The Hippo is going down.

Case Closed on
November 16, 2007 19:01
Closed Case
Is Hillary Clinton A Lesbian?

Hollywood Conspiracy7: Not that there is anything wrong with it, but Hillary Clinton is Definitely a Lesbian.

Case Closed on
November 10, 2007 08:59
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Hollywood`s Argument
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My little sister read all of my text messages without asking me and then thought there was nothing wrong with this. Not that she found tons of personal and incriminating stuff but this doesn't change the fact that she shouldn't have done it. Your cell phone and the information within it is your personal property and should not be invaded by anyone especially your sister who is supposed to care about you.

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Time started: 3696 days 11 hours 20 min.
Tags: sister text message privacy
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Jade001   2224 days 19 hours 30 min. ago
I agree, if someone did that to me I'd be pissed. It's an invasion of your privacy, it's like if she went into your room and started searching your desk or closet. I have a friend who has read her sister's texts multiple times, however that same sister who had her texts read has read other people's texts (not her sister's.) Basically, don't read other people's messages unless they give you permission to.
itspheebs   2337 days 9 hours 6 min. ago
you're right. I'd hate it if my sister did that. and she has done that before, so I get what you mean and how you feeeel.

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