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Child custody/drug test
    Chubbymommy03: Telling boyfriend that my kids dad is going to be having us drug tested and he doesn't care and wants to do it anyways.

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October 02, 2017 20:36
Confusedone`s Argument
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I have been dating this guy for about 4 months now. I thought that we were going somewhere but as time progresses my scorpio boyfriend tends to take breaks away from me. He often not answers his phone but this has just started happening. He doesnt call like he used to and he says some very hurting things. I am now the only one who does the calling and when I do call he either doesnt answer or he's too busy. Sometimes he'll talk but by that time Im steamed and mad but this doesnt seem to bother him. Is this just a scorpio thing or am I just wasting my time. I want to call him but it will only upset me. Will he eventually call me or am I just being vulnerable

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Ultemotions   478 days 22 hours 20 min. ago
You know If I were you, keep staying faithful and keep yourself happy. What people says, love yourself and do things that make you content whether he with you or not. Have the time of your life and let him notice you. If he ain't picking up your calls, go have a fucking great time with your girls or somewhere. I want you to be independent with your feelings. Don't let a man make you sad for not picking up calls don't stay upset and bottled with anger. Exercise, go to community events or concerts or a walk around the mall. Window shop. Walk around a lake. If he ain't gonna take you, go with your friends. If he's still not valuing you and putting effort, your time wasn't wasted since you had fun. He wasted his time and sure is going to be alone forever if he keeps that up.
Yalloeh   1727 days 1 hour 54 min. ago
If you still want to save the relationship, you should start giving him some space. I mean, act like he's acting. Don't call him, don't tell him you miss him. He will eventually miss you and start calling etc. If he doesn't, you know he's not right for you.
Jade001   2105 days 15 hours 35 min. ago
I think that you need to break it off, no one deserves to be treated like they don't matter, which is what he's doing.
BGott   3535 days 2 hours 53 min. ago
Dont waste your time. This person doesnt value you. Until you find that person (and btw, dont be looking for him) , live it up.

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