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Closed Case
Choosing a Stall
Larlarlarz MudBugs: When possible one should always avoid sitting in a stall next to an already occupied stall.

Case Closed on
November 28, 2016 19:20
Closed Case
Getting mad about not going out after the fact
Marcella: Your girlfriend sounds like an immature twit who can't make decisions on her own... You need to grow a pair and tell her that she needs to grow up.

Case Closed on
December 12, 2007 21:45
Pending Case
The New York Times has no business backing any Candidate
Argue this Case MudBugs: A supposedly Unbiased newspaper should not state a preference for any candidate.

Posted to the Wall on
August 20, 2017 23:38
Closed Case
Offer to Pay?
LawGirl: Should a woman offer to pay for dinner? If she doesnt would you be offended? And, if you happen to be offended, would you tell her?!!

Case Closed on
December 11, 2007 21:29
Closed Case
Can you scare a chicken/turkey to death?
Hollywood: Chickens/turkeys have small hearts and if you scare them you can stop their hearts and kill them.

Case Closed on
December 02, 2007 22:05
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Boyfriends parents
    Snowfox: Trying to tell me I need to leave

Time remaining
August 23, 2017 08:49
MudBugs`s Argument
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I have always been a proponent of philosophy that if you think your girlfriend is cheating on you then chances are she is. The philosophy is extended when you actually have hard evidence (ie not just circumstantial stuff). Once this happens then I say it is almost 100% certain that she is cheating.

Thus, after learning the following facts I believe that my girlfriend is cheating on me.

The Background: Over the years the relationship with my girlfriend has deteriorated. Perhaps the biggest thing which has gone is the passion we seem to have for each other. While I am not the most affectionate of guys and my girlfriend is certainly not either. Without going into details lets just say our sexual encounters with each other have diminished substantially.

The Evidence: She went out with a few of friends in NYC and called me at 4:30 a.m. saying she was on her way home. Clubs and bars aren't allowed to serve alcohol after 4am, but usually any bar wouldn't be open after 3am. Usually only a guido club would actually stay open till 4.

Then the next day we are lying in bed and her phone starts ringing and it is on my side of the bed. she starts flipping out trying to grab the phone before I look at it. So naturally I have to look. It turns out to be a text message from her ex boyfriend asking if she is alright. Now lets preface this by saying she never told me her ex boyfriend was going to be at the bar she was going to.

Add to this the obvious fact that at one time she was attracted to her ex (otherwise she wouldn't have been with him) makes it even more likely that something happened.

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