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Argue this Case WorkingOnIt: I'm talking to my bf and he tells me he's going to take a nap in the middle of my sentence...

Posted to the Wall on
December 16, 2017 13:45
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You look like crap
WorkingOnIt WorkingOnIt: Whoa! How dare he?! So bluntly insulting....

Case Closed on
January 24, 2012 00:05
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Boyfriend didn't cheat, but is it really ok?
Ferice Bernice: Sure we were broken up, on the worst night of my life. But he should have still been there for me to show that he at least cared.

Case Closed on
June 30, 2011 16:46
Closed Case
I want a dog
Ferice: I want a dog, but my wife claims she is scared of dogs.

Case Closed on
January 03, 2012 14:10
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Ferice`s Argument
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I love my wife, but she spend toi much time watching yiutube video. From the time she gets home from work at 4 pm, she is in front of the darn computer until it is time for bed. She wilk only get up if she has to use the restroom or I sm not home and she must absolutely get up. Food, water, snack, or the remote, she would ask me to get them for her, and if I refuse, she simply sit there and complain about how mean I am. Am I wront for not wanting to do these things anymore?

WorkingOnIt`s Argument
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I'm a female and I think that's wrong. It's one thing to each have your own hobbies, but there should be some type of BALANCE. Like where is the quality time she's spending with YOU? It can't be youtube 24/'s not fair to you, I feel. My bf does the same thing but with video games and it's quite annoying! But I dare him to ask me to do this and that because he's too glued to the video game.....he would have another thing coming.
If she's going to engage in youtube videos all day and forget time with you, fine. But she shouldn't expect you to slave after her ON TOP OF THAT, when you're doing YOUR OWN THING, and then say you're mean???

No you're not mean, you're just putting your foot down.

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Case was closed on January 23, 2012 23:50
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cedwards0409   2198 days 17 hours 7 min. ago
Absolutely not. It's ok if she asks and you're getting yourself something as well but I feel it's wrong if you're already doing something and she wants you to put your current task on hold to perform her "request".

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