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Firemom52`s Argument
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my son is "friends" with a married cougar who has made him her new hobby. she travels to where ever he is on vacation to spend a week with him, goes to his home to party with him, and leaves her hubby at home. insists they are just friends. son has divorced his wife for having a single male friend while married to him, and cannot understand how hypocritical it is for him to justify this relationship with cougar. whenever I try to say how wrong i feel this is I get into trouble with all concerned and beyond. told I should just let them alone and not be bothered by it. whenever he meets a nice single woman somehow said cougar is involved in "dates" with them. REALLY!!!! Can't she just let him alone to live his own life! She had her chance with him years ago and turned him down. Now she is always there and involved in some fashion with him. Contact daily!!!! A married woman? HELP! Please someone be on my side for this.I am NOT crazy! just concerned.

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Time started: 2411 days 22 hours 32 min.
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