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Am I overreacting?

Eviltwin Eviltwin: It's true that a man should stay by his wife's side, but....

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November 28, 2016 19:20
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Glitterystargaze`s Argument
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My husband and I dated for a year before we became pregnant with our son. During that first year we both equally initiated intimacy and I never had to "ask" for any affection. As soon as I told him we were expecting, he stopped initiating things and began distancing himself from me. After the baby was born his behavior did not change and it has progressed to much worse 5 years later. I have caught him looking at inappropriate photos of another woman we know and he apologized and said he only did it a few times. It would be much easier to forgive him if he actually seemed interested in me but he denies anything being wrong and when I brought up going to therapy or seeing a doctor he said he won't because of lack of insurance. (this is true) But, he still claims he loves me and has not lost interest. Am I right by being upset or am I overreacting and what should I do? I just want the truth!

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