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Itspheebs`s Argument
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Well. I posted a picture on facebook about 1 month ago. And there's this guy who had an immediate go and spaz at me, just because I posted it. He keeps on saying it's "illegal" for me to take the photo of the internet, as it's "stealing", and he keeps insisting it's from tumblr. And it's not even OF him or concerning him!

I said no, it's not, just google "epic fail photos+tumblr" into the google images search engine. and then we had this massive argument. I told him to stop posting all the hateful comments but he wouldn't stop. Then next he got all his friends to hone in on me, sending me crap. I just don't think it's fair. At all. because i got 79 likes on the photo, well, I don't know, maybe he's just pissed or jealous or something, I really don't know. And you see, the thing is, he was my best friend. just 3 days before, we went to catch a movie together with a couple of friends. everything was fine. And then he has a random go at me.

He has't talked to me ever since, and he says I'm "annoying" for doing that, but I mean, if it's on google images, it must be fine to post it then, because why would people post something that doesn't want to be shared, on google images in the first place?

I mean come on. Be reasonable. Everyone's done it at least once. I mean. He made such a big deal out of it. I was just shocked, upset, and hurt, that's all. I guess he's just a jealous stuck up friend, I don't know. He's not true. I really don't know.

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Time started: 2376 days 21 hours 11 min.
Tags: Facebook, unreasonable, photo post
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dhashky47   1870 days 1 hour 28 min. ago
Its hard to judge as you give no indication what the photo is about....

My guess is either
a) The guy is bipolar
b)the guy is in love with you and the photo upset him
or lastly
c) the guy is in love with you and the photo has nothing to do with anything but he just really wanted to get your attention

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