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Pineapplepookie`s Argument
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I got back from vacation a month ago & found out my "recovering" stoner partier friends(my best friends)had started doing everything again. which is totally chill, i dont drink, but i had absolutely no problem with this. Theyre having a great time,their life,their choice. But after a few weeks i had gone from hanging out everynight to staying home everynight. I was just never being invited to hang out anymore. i would try and make plans, but every night they'd already be busy and they wouldnt invite me along (which is usually how our group of friends work, invite anyone not busy to hang). i didnt want to force my company on them so i was just like whatever.

eventually i kind of decided to kind of let them know i never see them anymore and i miss them. they were like SORRY! we miss you too! just didnt want you to feel uncomfortable. i told them it wouldnt make me uncomfortable.they agreed to try and hang out more.but this hasnt happened. i have hung out with twice, but its not even them inviting me. 1) invited myself 2) my friend who seems to have the same issue with them as i do (he does drink, so they hang out with him more, but theyve blown him off a lot too).

Now my friends birthday is this friday&she said she didnt want to do anything, just get all the birthday restaurant free-bees with her friends.But the drive-in was showing good movies so i suggested we all go there after, that way we can be out super late&people could even get wasted if they wanted (trying still to make them realize i dont care if they drink even if i dont). She liked the idea.

then today i was talking to the other partier friend im having issues with about if she was excited for the drive-in.exact quote"why would we go to the drive in?! were throwing a huge party."again i really didnt mind. but then she added "we'll hangout some other day i guess" WTF! WHY AM I NOT INVTED! what am i doing wrong here.its not like they have to hang with me everyday, just sometimes would be nice.

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