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Abbie`s Argument
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I'm not a physical girl, in fact I could be perfectly happy with my 4 year relationship and never kissing hugging ect. Although let's be realistic. My boyfriend, is VERY physical. He feels like he NEEDS sex. 3 nights without is a problem. 1-2 times a week is NOT horrible and that IS mw trying. I'm compromising by being physical, now he should be by not NEEDING SEX 3-7 times a week! I hate when I feel pressured to have sex, when I'm in the mood I'm GOOD and I love sex. It just doesn't happen constantly as it does for him. Am I completely depriving him of life forever??

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Time started: 2049 days 1 hour 25 min.
Tags: Sex, sex, pain in the ass.
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Laura   672 days 22 hours 19 min. ago
No, you aren't! He has to respect you and your needs aswell. Pressuring you for sex is not alright, and sex 7 times a week can seem excessive when you are not in the mood!
Sit down and have a talk with him, tell him that you love being psysical with him when you are in the mood, but when you are not, it's perfectly fair for you to say no.
Sex where one of the two aren't into it, is not good sex.
If he really loves you, he will respect your needs and give you your space.
I really hope everything works out for you!

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