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Blondieisdone`s Argument
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My husband is there for everyone else but us.
He is always on hand to go do favors for his friends.
He blew off our anniversary to do roofing for his friend.
He spends hours doing things for everyone else in his circle of friends, family and colleagues but never does anything for us.
He tells us he will be there when we need him but never shows up. Makes up an excuse or better yet will argue with us for being needy and complain how tired and stressed he is.
He has been so mean to us and always treats us like crap if we even ask him to join us for things. ( parades, outings, dinners etc.. )
If I even vent or try to talk to him, he turns it around right away about how much he already does. He will even throw it in my face that he's been picking up the slack around the family chores because my mom has cancer and I have been away trying to care for her as well.
Its been happening for 3 years now. The first thing he did that began this pattern was not come to the hospital when my appendix ruptured. He went to work. I was in life or death as it had ruptured days previously ( I had no idea) and he did not even bother to come to the hospital. Ever since then, its been a downward spiral.
I do not know what to do. Im so tired of being left out and left in the dark. I am raising the kids alone now and I have a 18 yr marriage with a man who just makes me cry all the time.

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