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Shorty12`s Argument
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My friend only calls me when her boyfriend is working and her other friends are busy. She invites everyone else to do stuff with her but never asks me, I always have to ask her. Anywhere we go I'm always driving. Her boyfriend is mean to her and me, he calls her an a** and he told me I was ugly. When I got into a fight with him she picked his side over mine. She only texts once every two weeks and sometimes that's even pushing it. I texted her a week ago and asked if she was busy saturday night. Her response "I'm working" I just said ok and let it go. She texted me the next day and said she was making cookies and that's why she couldn't text. I planned a get together for this coming friday for my best guy friend and invited all of his guy friends. She texted me today off her boyfriends phone telling me that she broke her phone and if I needed to text her to text her moms phone. Then the next text she asked if i was having a get together. I told her yes and that I invited his guy friends. I feel like I'm being used. I don't feel that this is a true friendship and that I'm only there for her when she has no one else. Am I wrong to think this?

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Time started: 2254 days 2 min.
Tags: Being used by a friend
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Ozymandias   988 days ago
No. You are being used. That is not a real friendship. Distance yourself, or don't let her walk all over you. Good luck.
Cjsworld9000   2230 days 22 hours 8 min. ago
No u r completely right. Tell her like it is then if she doesnt hav a liable excuse, tell her off and stop beibg her friend! She deserves it and a person as nice as you shouldnt be used and try so hard for scum liker her! You dont need crap like that idiot!

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