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MissTea`s Argument
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So my brother lives down south, he's not my natural brother but we've been in contact for 8 years. i know him really well, and he has AWFUL taste in women. He falls in love too hard, too fast, and blames himself for absolutely every problem that the relationship encounters. If anything goes wrong with it, he convinces himself he'll die alone and never find anyone to love. He's 24. His last relationship (long term) only ended about four months ago and it messed him up really bad, to the point of severe depression and self injury.

his newest girlfriend started as a f*ck buddy that is cousin introduced him to. She's french, both of her parents are dead and apparently her only other friend was going to sell her into a prostitution ring. She moved in with him and his mum immediately out of necessity, and has been there for two months approximately. I have several areas of concern
-'she's living with him and his mum but pays no money, and has 'no where else'
-She's turned to him and said 'As long as you like me, ill like you'...which just rubs me the wrong way
- the relationship started as purely sexual, then not long ago, she decided to convert to catholicism and has effectively cut him off.
- Brother is none religious, and in fact, severely dislikes religion, but he's already considering marriage.
- Brother will be moving in with me next month, and whenever he mentions leaving to her, she goes all sulky and makes him feel bad.
- whenever he has friends around, she refuses to talk to anyone but him
- He never texts or emails when she's around, whether or not this one is through her influence or just his, either way, this is very unusual for him.
The whole thing is just seriously giving me bad vibes, but he wont listen to me. he's far too loved up to notice any of this being weird, obsessive or creepy. I'm not going mad, am i?

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HatesToJudgeWithoutReason   1696 days 18 hours 59 min. ago
I've dealt with friends like this before. The only thing you can do is try to open his eyes without teeming with any kind of dislike towards the girl. Which is hard to do. Ultimately, even through sit downs and up front talks, it's up to him and there's nothing else you can do. It sucks.
MissTea   2233 days 23 hours 16 min. ago
nobody? i need help here!

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