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Cjsworld9000`s Argument
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The most annoying, irritating, arrogant, violent, hypocritical, stupid, dumbass I know. She tries to act tough but she's such a weak baby and she over-reacts and gets mad at everything! I hate her so much but I have to be friends with her or my other friends wont be friends with me anymore! They always take her side and dont care about me or my feelings. Its just "no fighting, you two!" but what if we want to and need to! Plus I can fight if I want! (Dont be " the middle-man" without consent, its annoying). And she always gets mad so easily and when she does its the most irritating thing in the universe! She gives a full silent treatment and completely ignores you existance. Then she interrupts you when youre trying to talk to someone whos friends with both of us like shes trying to win and deliberately is acting immature and completely annoying. The only time she even ecknowlages youre there is once or twice she looks up with a death glare like you did something wrong! Like today i said something as a joke (and it was obvious it was one and she makes the same kind of jokes all the time) which one o my friends hinted at so I said it and she got all serious and got mad like I just called her a fatass mother fucker, pardon my french! Hypocrite much? And she really has the audacity to say that I need to stop when SHE is the one physically hurting everyone. Its not funny and shes stupid and no fun to be around and nobody understands that I just plain dont want to be her friend anymore! Plain and simple! She is that abnoxious! And she is going to continue to try to one-up me but just by me not being so dumb and immature, i've already won. Who's right, me or the dumbass!

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Views: 1360 Category Friendship
Time started: 2164 days 13 hours 41 min.
Tags: Stupid, girl, continues, to, annoy, and, be, a, stupid, hypocrite
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