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Sweet friend turned into a psychotic bitch
AsianInvasion AsianInvasion: shes crazy

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March 07, 2012 22:00
The Wall

AsianInvasion`s Argument
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My mother is physcotic and controlling. lately shes gotten worse though. shes been really annoying i mean i get asking for favors but she wil literally walk down the stairs come back up then make me drop whatever im doing to go back down and get something she forgot. shes trying to control everything i eat by telling me calories and what im allowed to eat nd not eat. im 135 pounds. and 5'3'. so no i dont need to have her be my nutritionist. anyways shes been annoying about picking fights anf being immature. she procedded to tell me she wasnt getting me anything for my birthday and telling me i was going to end up alone over a small dispute. and im considering moving out now.

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Time started: 2191 days 3 hours 57 min.
Tags: mom
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Tigs88   349 days 34 min. ago
Best thing to do is not argue back just nod and walk away, but listen, watch and remember and when you bring it all up she wont have a leg to stand on.

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