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Closed Case
Ultimate Fighting is an Ultimate Disaster
TheWrangler: Ultimate Fighting is as real a sport as any other

Case Closed on
August 10, 2007 14:51
Closed Case
Should you ever make an abrupt stop in the middle of rush hour?
Grneyes Grneyes: I say if someone stops to tie their shoe or stop and take a look at a particular sign they should be able to due so without any punishment.

Case Closed on
October 26, 2007 05:37
Closed Case
The Yuletide Log

Dagman Leftwing7: the yuletide log refers to the seasonal log of wood in a fire...any desserts, objects or items with the same name simply draw from this...

Case Closed on
January 11, 2008 21:31
Closed Case
Linsay Lohan is Ugly

Chigurh Chigurh: If you saw her you would be blinded by her beauty!

Case Closed on
October 26, 2007 05:52
Closed Case
Should errors be tracked and considered a stat in MLB?
Dagman: The entire concept of an "error" makes no sense and should be removed from baseball

Case Closed on
February 12, 2008 18:38
The Wall

friends in marriage
    Hmnic: I am not so sure about my husband being friends with a woman he used to date. She is needy and has no friends.

Time remaining
June 01, 2017 00:47
Bye bye PS4
    Theempress55445: Whatever my husband does to me or the kids, I'm doing it right back to him.

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June 02, 2017 11:25
Thanksgiving Craziness
Murphy Murphy: You have every right to be upset.

Time remaining
June 09, 2017 09:38
Brisingr`s Argument
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My parents yell at me for no apparent reason. I do nothing wrong and they yell at me like i have done something. I try to do something nice and they yell at me like i don't know how to do it, even though i have done it a million times before. I don't get what is their problem. They can't stop looking at me like something happened in our lives and it is all my fault.

Dagman`s Argument

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I am sure your parents arent' just randomly putting you down. Sometimes its hard to step back and see things from the other persons point of view but I venture to say that if you do this you will realize you are no perfect angel. A little bit of discipline is good for kids and hard to find in this day and age.

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Case was closed on November 28, 2016 19:20
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xxCatalinaLengdonxx   316 days 15 hours 40 min. ago
The same thing happened to me when I was 6 years old. They would always yell on how I did this was wrong and how I am a "useless" child that I am not worthy of being called theirs. Yes, that is true but, I tried to understand them and succeeded. Patience and Understanding is not easy yes but try. Five years later, now, my parents are open to me, and whenever they have problems on their work and about their friends, they would tell it to me and we will talk like we are the same age. But, of course, I'll respect them too.
sedona2015   600 days 15 hours 40 min. ago
Thats rough you have my condolences. I would say that any time a person car phrase things in such a way as "I do nothing wrong" they are probably in a heightened emotional state. Simply put there is not a single person on the planet who can do nothing wrong. And when it comes to relationships you have to be able to own the fact that your actions can affect others negatively whether they are "Right" or "wrong". Own your mistakes and be just as vocal in acknowledging what you did to contribute to the situation as you are in acknowledging their poor response to it.
Konfus3d   969 days 20 hours 47 min. ago
Parents are something else. I surely dont want to be one lol. My mom has the mentally of her good old days..1960s or so. Im sure your parents are younger than that era.. so just help them out with chores or your room show them you help around maybe they can lay off your back.. hopefully. Good luck!!
gulinlangbroek   1440 days 9 hours 26 min. ago
You have to remind yourself that most of the time your parents are just taking it out on you, like Angrylee6 said. Ignore when they yell you and tell yourself that you have done nothing wrong. Do not respond aggressively to them
Angrylee6   1660 days 23 hours 26 min. ago
Maybe your parents just take their anger and insecurities out on you. clearly you parents are wrong but I'm coming to realize that majority of parents are dumb asses and they don't even try to give their children a mentally stable home base. Idk what to tell you to do, my mom does the same to me just a little less extreme and I have yet to learn to deal with it.

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