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Nunya`s Argument
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WTF? The day was going well. I spent most of it working around the house, but got a card and hugs from my girls That's all I wanted. My wife got up early and went shopping with a friend. I spent the morning with my 2 and 4 year old. Cleaned up the house a bit and at Lunch we went to my father inlaws where I had lunch and disassembled two cabinets and loaded them in my van. We came home. It was a great day. Until I went to the bathroom. I had been sitting for less than 5 minutes when my 2 year fell and hit her head. I was literally in the middle of my business when this happened. I started cleaning up heading out immediately. When I get out, (less then 60 seconds. Not fully cleaned up and not done. ) she calls me an ass%o!e and says she can't rely on me. I'm never there. Once we made sure our daughter was really ok. I asked if she was serious. Expecting an appology. Nope. She's mad at me because I wasn't there when she needed me. SERIOUSLY? WTF was I suppose to do? Magically and instantly transport my self from the can to the living room? It's not like I sat there on the can and told her take care of it. I got out of there as fast as I could ! She's still mad at me. Its been almost 5 hours. And she refuses to admit she was being unreasonable. Am I crazy or is this just completely F'n wrong.

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Scarlett   2031 days 15 hours ago
May be its just a mother being over protective. She wasnt there and maybe she feels guilty that she wasn't there for the child.
She just overreacted.Glad your daughter is ok. In the future she will have a lot of scrapes and cuts etc.
She was just scarred I'm sure. good luck

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