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The Yuletide Log

Dagman Dagman: the yuletide log refers to a traditional desert that is served on christmas

Case Closed on
January 11, 2008 21:31
Closed Case
Should you ever make an abrupt stop in the middle of rush hour?
Grneyes Dagman: I say if someone breaks rank while walking down a Manhattan street in the middle or rush hour she/he deserves to get yelled at and possibly trampled.

Case Closed on
October 26, 2007 05:37
Closed Case
Barry Bonds and the hr* title

Dagman Epicurus: Bonds is a cheater and deserves nothing!

Case Closed on
August 09, 2007 02:43
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Argue this Case Scarlett: Olympics suck. People aren't coming to the events. Who cares?

Posted to the Wall on
January 18, 2018 16:51
Closed Case
Linsay Lohan is Ugly

Chigurh Chigurh: If you saw her you would be blinded by her beauty!

Case Closed on
October 26, 2007 05:52
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Scarlett`s Argument

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I have been married now almost 2 yrs and since about 3 mts after getting married we have done NOTHING but fight over my dogs.
Let me say that when we met I had 4 dogs. My husband did not have any problems at first. Later he began to complain about them a lot. So I did give one away. Now I have 3. Then he complained about dog hair. He insisted I keep my Australian Shephard outside all the time. She was a rescue dog. She had heartworm and I nursed her back to health. She does not do well in the heat here in the South. Loves the winter tho. So I let her stay outside. But when the indexes are 110 degrees and up I saw no reason why she couldnt' come inside some to cool down.
I have compromised a lot and my dogs were w me way before he was. He wanted to change the rules down the road.
I do not think this is right. He knew I had these dogs and didn't say 1 word til about 3 mts after we were married. Now he says that she can not COME IN AT ALL. So I returned to my house with my dogs.
I think he thought he could change me and when he realized he couldn't he just said no they can't come in.
What do you think? We are living apart now. And seems we just can not get along. Its always the dogs.
I remained single for over 25 yrs after my 1st marriage and divorce. Had I known this I would never hv married him!
When we met I told him I had 3 rules.
1. Don't try to change me.
2. Don't fuck with me.
3. And don't fuck with my dogs.
I don't want to be apart but this is killing me. One of my little dogs is 20 yrs old and blind. She needs a lot of attention that he feels he should be getting. I don't think she is ready to be put down yet. So here I am alone with my dogs. Am I right to stand my ground>

Dagman`s Argument
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Very sorry to hear about your marital problems. However it is hard to be sympathetic since the root cause of the problem are domestic animals.

These are animals just like the cows/pigs/chickens you eat everyday but for some reason we have decided to domesticate them and give them all sorts of rights.

Granted it is always comforting to feel the effection of a dog but isnt that cheap love? I would think you wouuld value a relationship with another human being more (somene who can actually has the ability to choose not to like you) and while I am not saying it is right your husband is making you feel like you have to choose between him and the dogs, at the same time, they are just Dogs. Its sad to say but when one dies you just buy another one to replace it.

The way dogs are treated in this country is sickening, especially considering the huge number of actual human beings around the world who are struggling to live every day.

Also, your husband is at least giving you the ability to keep the dogs outside (as opposed to getting rid of them all together). If the heat is the problem have your husband build a little outdoor doggie shed with an airconditiner or a fan (as rediculous as it sounds its better than getting a divorce over).

If you were really in love with each other I would think you could find a solution to this problem since I know many couples who have overcome way bigger hardships.

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Konfus3d   1205 days 13 hours 41 min. ago
Pets are very important in our lives, they hardly complain and are always happy and make you feel better. But pets are very tedious and big responsibility to care for that can make it hard to maintain a stable relationship with a human. Is not impossible but working around the issues and looking for options that suit pets and husband would be much better. an actual human has more right to maintain a relationship with because pets as mention earlier they can be replaced not a human.
ElectricThundah   1830 days 10 hours 42 min. ago
It is plain simple not much has to be written. You love your dogs more then the man your with. You see the animals as your kids and if this man doesn't love your kids then he doesn't deserve your love. This can be a flaw or just one of your needs that a man is just going to have to respect or get the hell out. It's naturally your choice. But I think you both should try to fufill one anothers needs. Or it will end over a divorce over dogs. Just find a way to groom your dogs so there's less hair , limit the amount of time the dogs are inside this situation can be FIXED :)

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