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January 16, 2018 15:50
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I live in the South. Not a place to be if you are not religious. Altho I am in the process of moving back to my home I have found that this South is the worst place for gossip and haters and very rude people.
In the time I have been here I have met more rude people than I EVER did up North.
They hate blacks, gays, and especially Yankees. Thing is I was raised here but left at 17 and never intended to come back but had to to care for a family member.
There are churches on every corner. JESUS signs in every yard. And people from churches always coming to your door.
It makes me sick cause these people are the worst hypocrites ever!
I so want to get back to my home. However, once here you are sucked in like a sandpit. There are NO jobs, no community anything, and the people have that 'holier than thou' attitude.
Money is a problem getting home tho. Trying to sell my house but NO luck. With no jobs here people can't afford a thing.
Anyone have any ideas on how I can make some money to get back home and then I can leave the house and wait til it is sold. I do have a job waiting there. Just can't get there.
I really hate this hell I am living in.

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Views: 1596 Category Religion
Time started: 1997 days 8 hours 48 min.
Tags: hypocrites church south
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Coconut   964 days 22 hours 24 min. ago
Religion is not the root of all evil. I believe there are many very good things about being religious. You may not be faithful, but that doesn't mean it its a bad thing to be. I myself barely believe in a god, but I can see how being religious is helpful to others. People feel safer thinking there is a greater essence watching over them. In the bible there is a lot of good advice. The South may be a really horrible religious place but here in the North there is a whole nice community of religious people who help each other out. But I do agree with you that is is completely NOT right for a church to hold talks in it's service about gays, blacks, or any other racist things.... At all! Hope you are able to get out of the South soon.

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