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Hawaii97`s Argument
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I had a family emergency at home. I grabbed my bike and rode the sidewalk SLOWLY so i wouldn't hit anyone. As i rode though, i yelled excuse me practically constantly. i got around tons of people. As i rode up by this guy i said excuse me. He moved, but not without letting me know that i had made his life sooo bad. like i had killed someone. H called me sooo many curse words. I was polite and moved on, but was I wrong for riding on the sidewalk?

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Views: 1596 Category Miscellaneous
Time started: 2003 days 3 min.
Tags: Curses, Anger
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Konfus3d   1235 days 17 hours ago
There's some sort of rule about bikes on sidewalks depending where you live. But basically we as plp walking on a sidewalk can be so dumb. I try to walk and scan my surroundings for other plp and bikes. So you're not wrong about riding your bike on sidewalk specially if you where been careful. That person was just looking for an excuse to act that way and is just not right. Don't feel bad im sure you couldn't had been the only one cussed at.

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