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Srsly`s Argument
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So basically me and 9 of my friends are all planning on going on holiday summer 2013, a classic 18 year olds holiday filled with days on the beach and drinking at nights. Or so I thought.
After us all scouring through holidays, I managed to find one to Magaluf, self catered best hotel/appartments in Magaluf, minutes walk away from everything, basically no flaws. And then for a week in hotel and all travelling it's £400 each. Good hey? Well we all did little presentations a nd we voted on mine to go on. Now this 'friend' of mine who's words were 'I don't have a budget because mummy and daddy are paying' has now decided she wants an all inclusive holiday in Madeira (AKA God's waiting room). I have a seriously limited budget, basically can't afford anything over the one I found. However, this friend has her mind set on it, is extremely rude and abrupt about it and I can't even suggest mine after saying I can't go on hers. She claims to be an expert but can't even work out the real price of it, and thinks its cheaper to pay extra for food we won't eat and then pay again to go out of the resort even though we'll hardly be there.
She is now going around like a flaming Propaganda machine, telling them a night out in Magaluf will cost them £100s and banana boat rides are 40 euros pp. All her arguments are flawed and she's just full of bullshit. It's not worth falling out over but this seriously annoys me and actually makes me shake with anger because she's so selfish, I would not care where we go providing I can afford it and go! There are several of us on a budget. Oh and also if we suggest going separate hotels or something she will actually fall out with probably just me because of it I'm sorry but it really is pathetic. So, so short sighted and narrow minded.

Just had to vent my frustration about this, since I KNOW that hers is a ridiculous idea, since she does not seem to understand the value of money. UGhHHGHGFhdzsuyfi FUCK OFF

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