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Angrylee6`s Argument
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My mom has been having sex in front of me for YEARS. Since I was about 4 (I'm assuming that's when I kind of understood what sex was) now I'm older and mom is still bringing home multiple men every night. Never the same man, and NO she is not getting paid for her services. My house is ALWAYS a mess (except my moms bed seems to be clutter free!) she has no job and we are on public assistance. and I have 3 younger sisters who are constantly exposed to these men. I'm tired of it and I often call my mom slutty names to cope. Am I wrong for bringing it up every time it happens? Or is she wrong for doing this under our living circumstances??

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Time started: 1926 days 19 hours 23 min.
Tags: Mom bitch ho Hoe slut arguments daily prostitute mental abuse
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Secret   698 days 23 hours 15 min. ago
Wow. I feel really really bad for you. I think that it's ok how ur calling her those names but u need to be careful at times because anything can happen. But your mother definitely shouldn't be doing that. It's disgusting. She already has a family, doesn't she realize that??

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