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porn sucks
    Amladeus: why porn is evil and kills love

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August 11, 2017 13:53
Emma15`s Argument
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Healthy flirting - okay ! Whatever he is perhaps one of "those" kinda men ! Just don't keep begging for no. ! Its just sick ! He can talk to as much as he wants - I got no problem but why the lies about it later on ! Not like its major yet but this is the start ! He could obviously get tempted to keep going further and perhaps just cheat on me one day ! Everytime we talk about it he says " I love you and that's all that matters " . Really ? That's all ? Ignorre the rest ? Don't feel insecure ! ?

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Time started: 1717 days 7 hours 27 min.
Tags: boyfriend
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Laura   760 days 13 hours 58 min. ago
It's different from relationship to relationship. But personally if my boyfriend pulled something like that on me, I would not be okay with it.
It seems immature and ignorant to be asking other girls for their numbers. Like what is he gonna get out of that? Does he want to text and flirt with them? If he feels the need to do that, he is not ready to be in a serious realtionship.
Give him an ultimatium. You or the other girls. If he chooses them, he is definetly not worth your time!

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