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KitKat18`s Argument
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Ok- so the commander of my colorgaurd at school wants to put a freshmen in my spot- that's not what really upsets me. What upsets me is the reason why. See, she called another girl on the team a whore because she was talking to her boyfriend- so I called her out on it and she hates me and now wants me off the guard. I honestly think she just wants me off the whole team and not just the colorgaurd. What bothers me is she thinks it should be a team discussion. I disagree because I worked my butt off for that spot for 2 years. It's mine- I worked for it. That freshmen can have it in a year when I graduate. I earned it- I busted my ass for that spot and she thinks that we should talk about it because nationals is coming up- Our varsity female team doesn't get to go to nationals this year because it is to expensive. Only the males get to go this year and we get to go next year. She didn't even confront me! She told someone else to tell me. I think she's lost her damn mind. I'm not mad at the freshmen- she had nothing to do with this and she is caught in the middle- but we are a VARSITY team. We are all high ranking members of JROTC and we all know what we are doing. You can't put a freshmen on the team- she's not going to be able to handle that stress. We tried it with a squad leader. SO in my opinion- I think I'm right on this. It's wrong to take something away from someone who worked their ass of for it. It's messed up and she is delusional if she thinks I'm giving it up.

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