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She's got to go
Argue this Case Ashalilly23: Having issues with my boyfriend girl friend.

Posted to the Wall on
February 17, 2018 19:55
Pending Case
She needs to go
Argue this Case Ashalilly23: I'm having problem with a supposedly friend on my boyfriend.

Posted to the Wall on
January 08, 2013 15:39
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Ashalilly23`s Argument
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My boyfriend and I have been on and off for 3 years and the last time we broke up he become good friends with a girl and since we got back together this girl has been a big problem in our relationship. She constantly flirts with him and he allows it and at first I didn't like her and would say very mean things bout her to my boyfriend and decided maybe I should give this girl a chance so I did but it just went down hill form there. She wrote two long letters telling me off when I was nothing but nice to her directly and my boyfriend did nothing about it. Also she would get mad when ever I would show any affection to my boyfriend over Facebook. So now shes blocked me but now she's publicly flirting with my boyfriend and it's pissing me off. Now they say they don't like each other at all but it's hard to believe that there is no attraction. So now my huge issues he wants me to be ok with him hanging out with her and other friends but I don't agree on it since she tells him everything she can for him to break up with me. and I don't think it's ok for him to surround himself with people who don't know me but already hate me. Idk what to do.

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