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UnhappyEmpty`s Argument
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I had a friend who was a bit of a bully. Sadly I miss my friend. From her point of view she was scaring me into 'being good'. She had issues of her own. After four months of not talking I am finally loosing it. I need to see what you guys think.

1-We were good friends until I told her that I was feeling left out by another person.
2- She called me to vent last valentine but I wasn't feeling well so I turned it down.
3- She decided to end the friendship. I didn't feel that me not allowing her to vent for one day = friendship end. I apologized.
4- She decided I was a stalker who poked through her things and through her computer which wasn't true.
5-She decided that I was too ugly to hang out with her because she can't be seen with me if my eyebrows are not plucked to her satisfaction.
6-She wants to make up, but by this time I am not feeling comfortable around friend.
7- She tells me to choose some things as a gift, and have my mother pay.
8- My mother ignores but she gets even more angry, (because I picked out something expensive by mistake)
9- I was not allowed to ask for the prices.
10- She called me asking for money, and I agreed because I felt concerned.
11- I over-reacted so my parents pulled an ultimatium on me instead of her.
12- I was too much of a chicken to face either her or my parents since I wasn't allowed to pay the money, and I was too chicken to defy my parents, at the same time I couldn't face my friend and tell her that my mom flipped when she heard the threads this friend threatened me with before.
13- My mother and this person, clashed. She wished that I would go to hell. Literally. I think she meant it.
14- She erased me off her facebook.
15- I've been feeling lonely ever since.
16- Before all that she was none of the above. She gave me constant gifts, arranged my birthday party, invited me out repeatedly.
17- Everyday for the past 6+ months I've wanted to die. The feeling has not waned. I feel even lonelier despite the bad parts.

Please help.

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